Kickstarter Raised An Absolutely Ridiculous Amount Of Cash For Games In 2012

It's been a crazy year for independent games development, but there a few stories larger than the influence that so-called "crowdfunding" has had on the industry, mostly via Kickstarter. So how much money did the aforementioned service — and the projects that harnessed it — contribute to gaming?

VentureBeat had a chat with the Kickstarter folk and the company was happy to divulge that $US79 million had been raised for 255 gaming projects. This isn't in total since Kickstarter began in 2009, this is just for 2012.

For comparison, $US3.61 million was given to 87 gaming projects in 2011. That's a 2088.3 per cent increase in a single year.

It's hard to know if crowdfunding will have an even bigger year in 2013. I mean, who would have thought anyone would have anything left to contribute after Double Fine's successful $US3.3 million drive, only to see Project Eternity beat it by another $US600,000 or so? That's not to mention Ouya's $US8.5 million.

Another unknown is how many of these projects will end up as disappointments or failures, as a few already have. One thing is for sure — it's given some high-profile game developers a new lease on their careers and those of the studios they helm.

Kickstarter in 2012: 530,000 backers contributed $79M to game-related projects [VentureBeat]


    Only 52000 backers? That doesnt seem like much to me.
    Thats an average of over $1500 per backer......they sure its not 520,000 backers? That seems more likely

      Yeah, the OUYA had like 63,000 backers, so I think you are probably right.

        What makes it confusing is the article on VentureBeat:

        "While the number of backers in the game category (which includes video games and tabletop games) only jumped from 45,622 in 2011 to around 52,000 in 2012, the amount they contributed rose from a measly $3,616,530 in 2011 to nearly $80 million this year."

    Kotaku keep track of how many of the 255, 2012 gaming projects actually get released. Would be quite interesting to see an article even about what/how many of the kickstarted funded games have actually come out since the start of kickstarter or are due soon. Been so many that I have lost complete track of them all.

    This is all gonna end in tears. Court cases and maybe one or two actual games at best if everyone is lucky. Give me money for my dream job gaisss...

    And add Elite; Dangerous to the list and you have another $2mil USD..

    Though technically the project fund date is 4th Jan..

    Then you look at a project like Star Citizen. Think it got 2 million on kickstarter and another 5 through its own website.

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