Tell Us Dammit: What Did You Get For Christmas?

I'm old and I have a baby on the way, so Christmas for me is now about stuff like socks and maybe a box of chocolates if I'm lucky, but what did you guys and girls get? Anything good?

I got a pretty cool pair of lightweight climbing trousers. I know, it sounds weird. Can't you just climb in anything? Yes, you can. But you won't look anywhere near as cool. And you won't be super light. Those 300 grams count! They all count!

I also got a pretty swish manual juicer thing that I'm going to make pasta sauce with.

I received precisely zero video game related stuff — mainly because people are way too scared to buy me game stuff in case I already have it! Probably a safe call actually...

What did you all get for Christmas?

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    My family bought a PS3 for my father, along with some games (Though I'll probably be using it the most), and I myself just got some old games I've played but didn't already own; Pikmin 2, Dead Space, Heavy Rain... and a small android phone.

    Doctor Who Complete Series 6, Wii Sports Resort(I'm slow, but it's a fun game), water-proof watch and some Gift Cards and some money. Bought Kid Icarus:Uprising with some EB Cards.

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      I still don't have Wii Sports Resort. Or Motion Plus.

    Money. Lots of money. Which I used to buy a Wii U Premium Pack.
    Nintendo Land? FUCK. IT'S SO CUTESY!
    Also, Pokemon Black 2. And new lights for my bike so I'm more visible in the dark than I already am.

    Got a PS Vita combo pack with FIFA Football and LBP + starter kit. Awesome bit of hardware!
    Enjoying this console immensley, playing the free content off PSN+.
    Bought the 32GB memory card off EB at City, they kindly price matched with Dick Smith - $86, very happy :)

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