What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm guessing that for a large number of you today is the last day of work. Exciting! What are you all planning to play over the weekend, and over the Christmas break for that matter?

Me? I'll be playing the new Trials Evolution. I'm also seriously considering picking up where I left off in Dark Souls. Somebody please stop me.

What are you guys and girls planning to play?


    I don't know. My mind is set on getting away from my terrible landlord and trying to save what little money she couldn't scam off me.

    Planetside 2 and Tribes: Ascend.

    And I only have two days off between now and New Years: Christmas Eve and Day. Then it's straight back to work 12:00am Boxing Day morning.

    Yep last day of work for me! WOOHOO!

    Not so much gaming will be happening this weekend, should probably spend some quality time with the girlie. But over the one week holiday, I'll be playing Battlefield 3 on PC (that's a certainty)... and maybe go through the Ratchet & Clank Trilogy on PS3 or Hitman: Absolution on the computer.

    I just have too many games on too many platforms and too little time!




      I might be interested in this. I haven't yet played it though. Are noobs welcome?

        Certainly! just get on the Kotaku Group and be there when the magic happens

    Hawken and maybe some Borderlands 2 as I just picked it up in the Steam sale for 50% off!

    the secret world "end of days" event is on today :D will be hitting that up.

    Last day of work I wish. Damn retail, this is my last day off then its flat out til the end of the year (minus xmas and boxing day).

    I just got a few early xmas presents from my girlfriend. So today I'll finish off Hitman and maybe start LBP Vita or Sleeping Dogs


    I will also be finishing Mario on Wii U and playing some FIFA 13 on that same console.

    Humble Bundle 7 games - didnt actually have any of them, and the game of resisting the Steam Sales.

    I started a new character in Dark Souls and bought the Artorias DLC through the week as I've heard it's the best content of the entire game in terms of lore, challenges and amazing boss battles. I haven't had the chance to get into it yet, so, this weekend, as of tonight, I'll be diving into it. AND IM SUPER PUMPED!

    Nothing, sadly. I will be doing pre-Christmas elsewhere with inlaws.



    I am really finished any big release as of late

    So I guess a lot of smallish stuff

    And what I got from that Mad Monday EB Sale, once I go to the post office and pick it up

    Cleaning the house and all that stuff for Christmas on Tuesday when we have the families over.

    Lord of the Rings: Online! Love that game.

    Syndicate (*snore*, will probably just cheat to make it more fun), then Spec Ops, Darksiders and ZombiU... Oh yeah, and my weekend goes for a little over 10 days :D

      Syndicate is fine. What we need to do is play co-op.

    This is probably the most reasonable place to post this - but if anyone is into BF3 on PC, feel free to add me (D370N8) or post your username here. Would love to meet you guys on the battlefield!

    Dear Mark Serrels,

    Please accept my change of entry for GOTY votes and nominations.

    I voted for Dishonored, which is good and all... but at the time I'd yet to play Far Cry 3. Now, thinking it was unfair to vote for something I haven't played (yet positive it would be an amazing experience) I did the sensible thing.

    Unfortunately, (in my opinion) Far Cry 3 shits all over Dishonored.

    Could you please update the votes received and advise if this changes the outcome?



    BMX XXX, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, Castle Crashers and Metroid Prime.

    I'm hoping to get onto some Far Cry 3, I've barely started on the story. I also want to play some of the games I picked up in the Humble THQ Bundle and Humble Indie Bundle 7 before the steam sales start.

    I have 2 weeks off work starting... NOW... so I should get some serious catching up done.

    Got all the star coins in NSMBU, haven't checked out what that Challenges thing is yet. Otherwise I'm really hankering for some more ZombiU, haven't played it in at least a week or so now.

    finishing the borefest that is blops2 campaign, some halo 4 multiplayer.

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