Tell Us Dammit: The Wii U Revisited

It's been more than a month since the Wii U launched in Australia, which means there's been enough time for the new-shiny-toy appreciation to have receded a little. Did you make the plunge into Nintendo's new console, and if so, what do you think of your purchase now?

I've got to come clean here: I own a Wii U purely for work purposes, and even that was a rather last-minute purchase stemming from a bunch of freelance work I was able to secure around having one at just the right time. Otherwise, I wasn't planning to buy one at launch.

My standard mental rule for any new console is that they've got to have at least six games worth owning before I'll buy; this is based on the rough assumption that the cost of six games is (or was) roughly equivalent to the purchase price of the system.

The Wii U isn't quite there yet, but I've got to say I'm rather impressed with Nintendo's little box of tricks in most aspects, with Zombi U, Nintendoland and New Super Mario Bros U taking up a lot of my recent gaming time; the latter two most prevalently with my kids.

But what's your take now on the Wii U? Do you regret buying one, or are you happy with it?



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      Yep. After Zombiu its a dust collector until Rayman hits.

      Drought of titles at launch? Never seen this before!!!! RAGE!!! ;)

        ZombiU really that good? Im considering buying it, but it really doest look like my thing. Looks like a totally boring shooter, like a game that is just the zombie part of black ops.

          ZombiU is nothing like black ops zombies, or L4D, or any of that pseudo-horror shooty stuff. It's a proper, dark, survival game where you hunt for ammo, avoid confrontation, and even taking on two zombies at once can be tense. The only crappy reviews of the game were by people expecting/wanting it to be a shooter, they were so far off-base it was hilarious.

          It's closer to oldschool, proper resident evil'ing than any recent effort in that franchise. The online integration is great too, hunting down the corpses of friends for loot.

          Nope. It's pure survival horror. Shooting hardly comes into it, you'll be saving those precious few bullets for when you actually need them. It's all about tension and fear, and it's fantastic.

          The other have already answered the question but to reiterate the shooter mechanics are played down and the survival aspect is the focus of the game. Getting swamp by *two* zombies let alone more makes for some really tense gameplay.

    Very happy with it as I got it as a Christmas present. Been playing New Super Mario Bros. U before bed on the Gamepad. Great fun!

    I'm really enjoying mine. I switch it on most days just to check out the MiiVerse and all of the cool drawings on there. Nintendo seems to really have created a community centred around empathy, rather than the negativity mostly associated with internet message boards.

    I'm a lifelong Nintendo gamer but I must admit, I wasn't convinced by my Wii U until I actually played it.

    Looking forward to seeing what great games are yet to be announced.

    I'm really happy with it. Got Mario U and trying to get all the gold stars now. I've wasted so much time in the WiiU Plaza, what a great feature.

    Also love how u can communicate with people and give hints, ask questions and stuff. Makes it much more social.

    I got NSMBU and Nintendo Land, which I'm almost already done with so unless they release some cool titles on the Nintendo E-Shop it will mostly be used to play Wii games for awhile.

    I like the system :) and can't wait to get more games.
    I'm hoping Trine 2 comes out tonight on the Wii U! Been waiting for this to arrive in the eShop since the Wii U came out.
    I also can't wait for Miiverse to come to the 3DS! The Miiverse is a great social network.

      Oh my god. Trine. On Wii U. Send that in. NOW.

    I'm happy to keep waiting until there are titles on the system that appeal to me.

      This. I'm frankly surprised at the lack of strategy games so far; the console seems perfect for it. XCom, Advance Wars, Sim City, etc all seem like a really good fit for the system.

    Glad I havn't bought this garbage. I suspect that no one but Nintendo loyalists will buy this. Most people have learnt from their mistake in buying the original Wii.

      "Did you make the plunge into Nintendo’s new console, and if so, what do you think of your purchase now?"

      I think you're lost, the speculate on a console you haven't played / bought article is elsewhere.

      The only thing that was wrong with the wii was its last two years from lack of games, but it still managed to last 5-6 years, what a console generation should last for.

      By the way, boy I sure learned from my mistake buying a wii, those 50+ good exclusives sure are disappointing...

    I can't get my eshop to work, but I haven't followed up the error code yet, either.
    Otherwise, very happy with it.
    I've got ZombieU, NSMBU, NintendoLand and Skylanders and I've spent the most time so far playing Skylanders on the tablet with tv shows on in the background.
    For multiplayer, Nintendoland is fantastic.
    ZombieU is probably my least played, but that's partly because I was trying to melee it all, which simply doesn't work, and couldn't keep up with the intense atmosphere.

      Nintendo Land has to be one of the greatest party games of all time.

    Bought it and loving it. I'm 30 and married, so my wife was happy to have a system that pushes multiplayer games - she can't get enough of Nintendoland Metroid and Pikmin. I think if I was single and still in my twenties it would not have been so clear cut. I should also point out, we are loving watching YouTube using the browser and I've even been able to play Batman while my wife watches tele, I never thought much about this feature but it is turning out to be a huge plus. All things considered we are both very happy. Just got ZombieU and this is the best survival horror game I can remember since Res Evil: Nemesis, for me anyway.

    No buyers remorse for my purchase. Own Nintendoland, NSMBU (100% completion good game with a balance of stage difficulty), Sonic Racing Transformed (at about 150 stars), AC3 (bout half way through and not nearly as disappointed with the game as everyone else apparently), Arkham City (because I didn't finish it on PS3), Skylanders (to see what all the fuss was about, enjoyed it thoroughly) and ZombiU which is my least played game. Also have Nano Assault NEO on the store. The console has a great deal of potential and some of the best things about it are the things other than games that it does, the UI functionality of the store, browser, miiverse and so on just work.

    other than the fact that i had launch day hardware issues and needed to swap out my console i am quite happy with it.
    Miiverse rocks. its just a pitty i dont have any real life friends that own a wii u yet.

    NSMB is good fun. i love the challenge levels but must say im not hugely taken overall.
    i own zombie u but havent had a chance to play yet as its not exactly an appropriate game to play in front of my 10 month old.

    the eshop is pretty good, as is the internet browser, i was seriously impressed with the quality of the browser.
    im very interested to see how the video channel goes as this could make the wii u very competitive in the entertaintment front.

    i dont regret my purchase but at the same time if this was my only console im not sure id forgive as much.

    i do wish i was playing far cry 3 on this though. itd be a great game to have mii verse integrated into

      Yeah see the browser plays hardly any videos online...kinda sucks

    bought it day one in Oz, long time nintendo gamer, it has impressed me greatly. dual screen blackops 2 multiplayer is great, Zombiu is the BEST survival horror in a long time which was a pleasant suprise after the negative press it got (questions the integrity of game reviewers these days), New super mario U has the most creative and challenging 2d mario ever and Ive barely scratched the surface of nintendoland but it has way more replayability than i thought and is fun. Miiverse has some amazing artists and is a positive friendly place and nano assault neo is a great cheap downloadable twin stick shooter. Glad i sold my 360 and only use my ps3 for skate 3 and playstation plus. Off creen gamepad play is sick for watching TV and gaming too. love it best console since SNES. ps add me my network id is grayfee. peace.

    Got mine as a B'day gift a month ago. Played it twice :-( I new this would happen!

    Very pleased with the Wii U, aside from the eShop pricing and other small gripes that'll probably be fixed in due time (hopefully). I only have Nintendo Land and Sonic Racing Transformed (with all 232 Stars) at the moment, but I'm looking forward to getting NSMBU and Rayman Legends. For me, the TV-off feature is biggest plus for me; although it is a little difficult sometimes to concentrate on both the TV and the GamePad screen at the same time in some games (such as the GamePad screen acting as a map in Sonic Racing Transformed).

    Loving the hell out of it. Just got the three games - ZombiU, Nintendo Land and NSMBU - and they're all outstanding. Can't wait for Rayman and Pikmin either.

    Got the wiiu as an xmas present (a week early), pretty happy with it, zombiu, mario, nintendo land and scribblenauts are all quality for launch games, Nintendo Land is much more fun than expected and ZombiU so far is pretty cool. Also playing lots of wii games like pikmin 2 and zelda skyward sword. Being a Nintendo fan I had planned on getting it, though the negative reviews and poor battery life of the pad nearly put me off. As long as the game support is no less than the cube I know it will be fine for me going forward (as a companion to my 360 / 720...)

    Quite honestly I was spoilt. I got the Xbox stars wars console, the wiiu and I just upgraded my phat ps3 to the older slim. Playing halo4 with wife, windwaker Zelda on Wii, half a dozen ps3 games. Hardly touched wiiu, only got nintyland with the console. Played around nothing more.

    Got the Wii U, NSMBU, ZombiU, AC3, Black Ops 2 and Nintendo Land at launch, and I'm happy with my purchase. The two standout games though are NSMBU and Black Ops 2. NSMBU is just amazing and looks great in HD. Black Ops 2's off-screen gameplay is just awesome (I play it on the gamepad more than the TV), and the lack of annoying kids like you see on the Xbox version makes it oh so better.

    Nintendo Network and Miiverse are great, they completely destroy PSN and really give XBL a run for its money. Nintendo really did their homework. My only minor gripe is the occasional system lock-up and loading times that seem a tad slow, but they'll be patched soon.

    Really looking forward to Aliens: Colonial Marines (when does the Wii U Zapper come out? Any news on that?), Lego City Undercover, Nintendo TVii and maybe Ninja Gaiden 3.

    Zombi U is great when it's not glitched.

    My game glitched 2 days ago, and my Wii started hard locking since. I've erased everything to do with ZombiU and had to start all over again.

    I've hard wired the Wii now, and all is good so far. Devastated I had to start over though. My save file was a 7 hour one.

    Aside from that though, I've been anjoying it.

    so far I'm very happy with it. It's a bit low on quality titles atm, but that's to be expected of any new console really.

    I got it at the midnight launch and still happy I got it and will be keeping it. I got NSMBU, Zombi U, Black Ops 2, Tekken Tag 2, Nintendoland, Sonic, Puddles and Neo Nano Assault. I'm hanging for TRINE 2, The Wonderful 101, Pikmen 3 and Aliens. Hopefully the games pick up soon as I've smashed through all my games already...

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