What Are You Playing This Weekend?

So many games, so little time. Although the forty-eight hours of the weekend should allow us all time to indulge our favourite digital fripperies, and maybe (just maybe) finish a few things.

I'll still be ploughing hours into my family game of Minecraft For Xbox 360 (it's cheaper than LEGO), running Shephard around in Mass Effect 3 for Wii U and continuing my never-ending affair with Borderlands 2. On the retro side, the inevitable WWF No Mercy, maybe some Zombies Ate My Neighbours, and perhaps a little Head Over Heels.

Mmm. Head Over Heels.

At least, that's my game plan; for all I know I'll end up finally finishing Skyward Sword. Yeah, my pile of shame has many, many cobwebs on it. What's on your prospective gaming menu for the weekend?


    My missus is heading off to Perth for 3 weeks today - which means a LOT of gaming is to be done :D

    Just finished off Sleeping Dogs main storyline, so I'll kick off Nightmare In North Point. And a few mates are coming round tomorrow and having a small LAN so we'll be on Battlefield 3 into the wee hours of the night (depending on how much we drink lol) so add us if you're up for a game anyone - username: D370N8

    I'm more than likely going to play the Ni No Kuni demo over and over and over again and cry about the fact I can't get my hands on it for another two weeks.

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