What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Sometimes, you just want to go home and blow a lot of stuff up. Weekends are good for that.

Terminal Velocity and Fury, basically the same game but coded exclusively for Windows 95, were two of my favourite games growing up. So it's not surprise that I've got a bit of a soft spot for 6DOF shooters along the same ilk, like Descent and Forsaken.

Overload is basically harking back to those games, so it'll be fun to see how fluid and frantic the combat is.

Beyond that, it'll essentially be doing some house cleaning, maybe a quiet drink and a board game with mates, or maybe just playing Overwatch again. Oh and I'll be doing some more testing with the Nvidia Shield - hopefully I can get Animelab to work on it, because it doesn't seem to want to load for whatever reason.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Yakuza 0!

    Always wanted to play a yakuza game but didnt have a playstation.

    Can also speak abit of Japanese so its interesting hearing what people are saying in the background and in cut scenes.

      I'm in almost exactly the same boat, except I do have a playstation, but the Yakuza games seemed too weird.

      Now I'm playing it in 4K its glorious, and I can't wait to spend the weekend getting even deeper into it

        I'm using an xbox controller plugged into the pc, best of both worlds.

    Fifa and Overwatch. Might try and progress a bit in GoW.

    Moments of Triumph. Destiny 2.
    Have not seen it so packed in ages. I think I had 9 players at a Public Event last night.

    Well just bought some new games and humble monthly unlocks tomorrow so more Mount and blade:warband it is

      Ooh thanks for the reminder.

      I'm not that interested in the main 3 games but hopefully there are a few goodies in the monthly list.

        Well I have been interested in a hat in time for a while now but meh on the other 2. Fingers crossed we get some other interesting things.
        Although the random unexpected ones have been great as well, for me one of the best parts of the bundle. Getting games that I probably would never have bought and really enjoying them

    Can’t quite believe it given how out of love with the series I’d gotten but Assassins Creed: Origins has its hooks in me. Not to the same level #1/2 did back in the day but it’s certainly the best it’s been in a long time and the present day stuff actually seems interesting again (remember all the awesome conspiracy stuff in the first few games?!).

    Otherwise some more Hyrule warriors & Octopath!

    AC: Origins (PC). Started concentrating on main story, having side-quested about 75% of the map. Now about 65% complete (55hrs), I wished I had done the story in bits as I explored because I find I'm revisiting forts and clearing enemies I've already done. Not to mention I didn't get the hidden blade beforehand, so meant 50hrs stealth killing with my boring fists! Story is pretty good actually; writing is decent, some clever scenes, and an actually quite affecting story arc when you're trying to find The Crocodile and you retrieve the body of a young girl tied down in the sea to drown. Prolly my last dedicated week on this game, as I'll get into Monster Hunter: World (PC) not long after release.

    Started Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. I've only played the first (and, admittedly, just a year or two ago). I really liked it; memorable action pieces, genuinely funny and sweet characters, pure fun (if perhaps repetitive gameplay but, hey, that's video games really), and great cinematics albeit very tropey. I'm aware of general opinion looking down on the first, at least in comparison to the rest of the series, especially the second game. But I'm finding Among Thieves pretty much the same so far (chapter 5), but I guess it's really going to ramp up if it's to live up to everyone's opinion.

    Playing Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, which is the last of my playthrough of NES/SNES era Mario. Left to last because of its reputation as indiscriminately difficult and a bit of the black sheep of the series. I'm finding it okay; not too hard, and doesn't take too long to master the challenges so far. The caveats, however, is I've only just played through world 4 (which definitely has a difficulty spike on 4-3 and 4-4) , and I also make liberal use of save states! It's nice playing this, as well as Super Mario Bros. (OG), because it has a classic simple style and feel that's been inevitable lost over time (not necessarily for the worse, SMB3 and World and Yoshi's Island are fantastic and creative/innovative in their own ways). I also enjoy the pretty skin they put on this All-Stars edition.

    Just started Alto's Odyssey (Android). Loved Adventure; such a gorgeous art style, takes what I always thought to be an obtuse gameplay style that is the endless runner and gives it immaculate polish, and it plays with such smooth and elegant control. The tasks and leveling is important, I think, as it gives a bit of aim and guides you into unlocking what's deceptively under the surface of these games. Odyssey is so beautiful.

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    My friend was flabbergasted at how fast Forsaken is to play on higher difficulty levels.

    Its been fun :).

    Dungeon Travelers 2 and Rogue Legacy on Vita.

    Blood Bowl 2 on PS4 (also Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris with the kids).

    Ys 8 is finally DUNZO, so this weekend will be playing some Tekken 7 for easy cheevos (free to download and play over this weekend on Xbox, scored 22/43 cheevos in the course of a couple hours last night already) and then maybe dipping back into some Destiny 2, first time for a few months. Also, some Picross S2 on Switch, which I picked up last night.

    More tidying up of characters prepping for WoW BFA. Aside from that, I'm debating getting back onto Monster Hunter World.

    I'm a MH vet from MFU on PSP onwards, and MHW was brilliant - it looks amazing, sounds amazing - but seemed to lack something the 'core' MH games have. Just doesn't seem to have the depth - monsters, weapons, you name it. But I've been watching people play recently since Behemoth came out, and maybe it's the Final Fantasy fanboy, but man I need to get on it I think.

    Picked up Burnout Paradise remastered in the PSN winter sales. So I’ll be driving through Paradose City.

    The usual Overwatch, but PRETTIER, because I just got a new PC and a 144hz monitor :D

    I was watching someone play the FFXIV content in MHW last night so I'm feeling motivated to get back into it. My problem is that my HR isn't really that high so I may need to put some work in before I can even attempt it.

    Cytoid update just dropped so i'll be on all weekend. Best game

    Trying not to drive myself mad getting super kills in Destiny 2 for the solstice armour. Other than that... Maybe some NMS or maybe some Warframe, depending on whether I need relaxation or catharsis after I'm done.

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