While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, the post where we get busy with news overnight, and snuggle up afterwards. If you're lucky we might even make breakfast. I make the best scrambled eggs.

Okay so we had the Game of Thrones, the book. Then we had the TV show — which is far better in my opinion. Then we had that cool Game of Thrones thing that was made out of consoles. That was also cool. But what about PC gamers? Where do they fit into this? The answer: the throne of nerds. A real life actual throne made out of used keyboards. It had to happen really.

There's been a lot of Vita news coming in overnight. First off the handheld is getting a price cut in Japan and, second, there's a Final Fantasy X HD version for the Vita. Strangly enough Final Fantasy X is the last game in that series I actually spent a serious amount of time with.

What else? Well, some folks have been hard at work on rebuilding the Resident Evil 2 that never was — the one that got scrapped in favour of the top notch game directed by Hideki Kamiya. And finally, remember that episode where Homer built a car? This is the exact opposite of that.

In Short Game Of Thrones Chair Fit For The King Of PC Gamers Fans Design Their Own Gran Turismo 5 Car There's A Playable, If Broken, Build Of An Unreleased Resident Evil Game Out There Check Out Final Fantasy X HD Version For The PS Vita PS Vita Gets Price Cut In Japan


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