If The World Ever Needed Minecraft 2, Hopefully It'd Look This Nice

There's a certain charm to Minecraft's default visuals, but it can also be argued that without help the game looks like arse. When you see jaw-dropping screens from the game, like these Game of Thrones pics, those slick graphics come courtesy of tricks like rendering, where what were once basic blocky tiles are passed over and given effects until they look like something you'd actually expect on a PC in 2013.

Here's a great example by Sandra/sickyouth that takes a subject that should be utterly pedestrian - a simple table, chairs and window - and makes it look like Minecraft 2027. No epic vistas or enormous projects here, just the basic stuff you see all the time in the game, only here, it's nicer.

my best render yet [M1N3CR4T]


    You are truly idiots and clearly don't know Sandy or the majority of Tumblr users very well. Sandra goes through /r/Minecraft and finds images like these to post on her popular Minecraft blog.

    As proof, here's this I just pulled from a quick google search.
    It shows that this image was submitted to Reddit by a user called "lillsowi" (ie. Not Sandra/Sickyouth of Tumblr) a day earlier than when she posted it on her blog.
    Now, when she reposted it to her blog she used an imgur link in the description as her source. Yeah, it's not crystal clear, but it shows that the source is not from Tumblr.

    Next time you want to repost a single image from Minecraft (or even just most videogames) and create an article about it, Luke Plunkett, search Reddit. You get much more original content and don't look like such an ass when Tumblr users know you screwed up the sourcing.

    PS. You forgot the "F" in M1N3CR4FT at the source of the bottom of the article.

      This Luke fellow, he bothers you doesn't he.

    You might want to check out this guy, he has the game looking better than render but in real time. It's pretty amazing.


    What's up your ass?
    Jesus dude. They didn't realise Sandy wasn't the original creator, big woop.
    It doesn't really devalue the article in any way.

    Last edited 04/03/13 7:56 pm


        "When someone points out an error in one of my articles, I correct it as soon as possible. Hell, I try not to make errors to begin with — obviously. And I try to reach out to the article’s subjects if I feel further discussion or clarification is warranted. Fox News did not do these things."

        I feel like Luke Plunkett could learn a thing or two from Mike Rougeau...

        EDIT: By which I mean a post from a teenager's blog is not a very strong source to use when creating a news article unless you contact the blogger.

        Last edited 04/03/13 8:10 pm

      No, the article being completely pointless and having zero merit what so ever devalues it. The absolutely horrendous level of research is just an icing on the cake.

    tricks like rendering

    Did Plunkett mean a particular type of rendering? Because rendering is hardly a trick, your GPU does it all the time. If you weren't rendering, your screen would never display anything.

      Don't let facts get in the way of Luke's articles. Luke doesn't.

      Regular 3D graphics rendering is full of tricks!

      Raytracing is trying to do it more realistically with fewer/different tricks ;P

    Create custom shaders for Minecraft. Rebrand as Minecraft 2, says the author.

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