The Folks Behind Bastion Are Making A Sci-Fi RPG, And It Looks Incredible

If you ask me, Supergiant Games' Bastion was one of the best games to come out in the last few years. So, a new game from that indie dev studio is great news.

The glimpses of gameplay make it seem like Transistor shares some of Bastion's DNA, but the visuals are more Akira/Blade Runner than SNES retro-toon RPG. It looks cool and sounds great.

Can't wait to learn more.


    Wow, looks crap and sounds awful.

      Just to prove you're not alone, I thought the same about the visuals. It just looks like bastion reskinned and washed out. Reminded me of shadowrun returns, only that, imho, looks MUCH nicer.

    Looks like Bastion re skinned, and I don't even give a fuck because Bastion is god damn amazing. Day 1 buy.

      It really does look like a straight re-skin. Some of the enemies were identical in their behaviour.

      I don't like the art as much in this preview as what we got in Bastion, which is concerning because that was Bastions real strength. Nonetheless, I'm cautiously optimistic.

    that song made me feel things... good things

    I'm not really feeling the 'charm' of Bastion with this one! Just a trailer though so I guess I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens..

    Final Fantasy 7 called, they want their sword back, and what on earth did you do to it.

    Played bastion, thought it was nothing but average never understood what people raved about, I literally have more fun playing dynasty warriors and the original two worlds (bugs and all)

    That song was horrid and the game looks like a watered down bastion and is aesthetically jarring, definitely was not "incredible".

    But then i thought and still do think bioshock was/is a horribly boring affair. So i don't exactly have mainstream tastes.

      I can certainly relate, but it's charm really came from a "new game +" and I'm the sort of guy who hates a second playthrough. Leveling up weapons and invoking the gods in new game + was actually quite fun.

      While you are entitled to your opinion I sure as hell will never understand it. Bioshock and Bastion are two of my favourite games of all time :\

        I think its fair to describe both as mediocre gameplay wrapped in a unique aesthetic. I loved both, but I recognise that I liked the tone more than the gameplay.

    Couldn't mistake who's making that game.. And I hear another Darren Korb soundtrack :D Will totally buy.

    Bastion's art-direction, ambience, sound effects, narration, music, story, and themes were all magnificent. I'm just really not a fan of the top-down brawler/platformer gameplay, so I never got around to finishing it.

    Seeing another game with the same gameplay but not quite as impressive in all the other categories makes this a probable miss to me.

    "Wow, that looks amazing, I can't wait to get my han-2014?! Damn!"

    When I saw the oversized sword and him riding the motorcycle I immediately thought of FF7. The art looks so far okay, but nothing extraordinary. The music was a poor choice. I'm hopeful the game has a better showing - the Supergiant guys really hit it out of the park with Bastion.

    More Darren Korb!
    I'll be getting this mainly for Jen Zee's art and Darren Korb's music, and potentially @tooshay Logan Cunningham's VO.

    @senno, Red is a she.

    I didn't mind the music. You can definitely tell it's Darren Korb. And that it's Supergiant Games.
    This'll certainly be a game to keep your eye on.

    I absolutely adore the Bastion soundtrack but the song used in the preview didn't really stand out and felt like something you'd hear in a top ten pop music chart. I love the visuals and themes though but the gameplay looks a bit naff. Maybe I'm starting to reach my saturation point with "unique" indie games and need to find something stronger.

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