Poker Night’s Platform Unlockables Are OK — Except For The PS3’s

Poker Night’s Platform Unlockables Are OK — Except For The PS3’s

If you’re going to do a crossover video game, then unlockables are as mandatory as inside-joke dialogue. And if you’re bringing the Xbox 360 and PS3 to the Poker Night franchise alongside the PC, then you’ve got to do something specific for each platform.

So, here are some Team Fortress skins for you, Mac player. And bring on the Avatar items for the Xbox 360.

And, yeah, there’s some dashboard themes for you, PS3 owner. Hooray.

Borderlands 2 players on all platforms get skins for the game, so, there’s that. And there’s a bunch of in-game unlockable stuff which should go without saying. I mean, you didn’t think the point of this game was to play poker, did you?


  • I still have no idea who that blonde guy even is.. does he even fit in here?
    That combined with a non-campbell ash and already owning #1 makes this a no buy for me.

    • The blonde guy is Brock Samson from The Venture Bros, which is an amazing show that everyone should watch, particularly if they like good shows.

      • The show is OK, but Patrick Warburton (Brock Samson) is the show-stealer, and the only reason to start watching in the first place. You’ll stay for the silliness (like… the Nozzle), but Brock is the reason to start, and who all men should aspire to be.

    • Brock Samson fits in no less than Ash and the rest. Hopefully it means we’ll get a Venture Bros game of some description in the future. Would have been nice to have Bruce voicing Ash but I believe he hasn’t for the same reason he won’t sign the current Army of Darkness related comics: he doesn’t have a share of the rights to AoD related stuff like he does Evil Dead so if they wanted him they would have had to pony up the right amount.

    • Agreed, a non-Campbell Ash is just so completely pointless. Why bother utilising a character like Ash who is all but defined by his character actor when it comes to fans when you can’t get said character actor? Particularly when Bruce Campbell has voiced Ash in pretty much every (mostly terrible) Evil Dead game that has come out previously.

      • This is somewhat hearsay but apparently he voiced those games because he was paid extra over what he normally would have been because he refuses to get involved in Army of Darkness related stuff as he doesn’t have a share in the rights (like he does with Evil Dead) and doesn’t get a cut. Which is fair enough, to be honest. Whoever has the rights to AoD churns out a lot of stuff that Bruce and the other creators get nothing for.

  • To be honest, I’d rather a PS3 dashboard theme to a 360 avatar item – provided that the theme is actually good. Because a theme actually affects how I interact with the system. An avatar item is something I won’t use for that stupid guy the system insists on shoving in front of me all the time.

    So yeah. Bring on the rock!

  • i hope the AI is a little better this time around and also i hope the AI has more lines so i don’t have to hear the same lines over and over in one game.

    i also hope they have settings for a quick game that keeps talk minimal and non disruptive to the game, waiting for the AI to finish whatever nonsense they are spouting gets tiresome.

    • You didn’t know that Poker Night one had an option to adjust the frequency of their talking? Could go from “None” to “Chatterboxes” I believe.

  • I sometimes wish this would become a yearly release kind of game. I’d buy it every year if it had more characters. Poker Night 2 is shaping up to be good. I mean, I’d rather have Handsome Jack or something for the Borderlands rep, since Claptrap is a one trick pony of a character. But that’s just personal opinion.

    But yes, I know I’m already going “OMG I WANT #3!” but it’s true. The game has such a beautiful charm about it, I played #1 endlessly and I can barely wait for #2. TTG is becoming a personal favourite dev for me. Hopefully a Sam & Max rep won’t appear in the third iteration if such a thing comes about. Sam & Max are cool I guess but I dunno, coulda made cooler choices. Most of my friends play Sam & Max for Max. not Sam.

  • I’m still curious as to why it’s not a Bruce Campbell voiced Ash. It’s not like there’s a new Ash in the new Evil Dead to tie it in to that. Was Bruce asking for too much money? Did the developers not even bother asking Campbell?

    It puzzles me even further, as surely Telltale would know of Bruce’s massive cult appeal and what having him in the game would do, as well as the opposite scenario

  • As an Xbox owner I agree with @batguy – couldn’t give a shit about avatar items and Xbox is no worse than PS3. I got a free avatar item on Xbox for watching that shitty Die Hard trailer the other day. I’m interested in playing Poker Night 2 for reasons unrelated to tacky prizes (though as a Borderlands aficionado I certainly appreciate the free masks).

  • Is it just me? But I really enjoyed those different worlds coming together and their characters interacting. Heavy Weapons Guy is always a riot no matter what he’s doing anyway, and the same goes for Max. But I’d kinda love to cycle them in with the roster for the sequel. Too hard to write/record all the permutations of character interplay? That makes me sad.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, no matter the damage it does to my dignity or respect: DLC characters for poker night at The Inventory. I would buy them.

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