Rumour: Gran Turismo 6 Set For A 2013 Release?

Gran Turismo 5 took a bloody long time to hit shelves and, when it did, it was a relative disappointment. The series that had defined racing for over a decade sort of felt a little flabby. A little old fashioned. In the time it took Polyphony to create Gran Turismo 5, Turn 10 made three absolutely cracking racing games in the Forza franchise. Gran Turismo 5 was good, but probably not good enough.

But now, according to a couple of retail listings, it looks as though a new Gran Turismo might be set for releases sooner than you'd expect.

Online retailer Newegg has the game set for a November 28 release date, as does Italian retailer Multiplayer. This, of course, could be meaningless speculation — but it is interesting that both retailers from different regions have the precise same release date.

You might remember that some members of Polyphony were spotted taking pics of Bathurst for Gran Turismo 6, so the game was obviously in development, but I'm surprised that a 2013 release date is even being talked about at this stage.

Pleasantly surprised.

Via Eurogamer

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    I was actually hoping for a PS4 launch title rather than another PS3 title.
    Not that the article mentions either one, nor do we know the solid release date of the PS4, BUT, ahhh, it would be nice. :)

    GT5 is stale, these days... REALLY stale, and I feel GT6 would be pretty similar if released on PS3.
    It'd definitely be a console seller if GT6 was a launch title for PS4.

    I know Polyphony have pretty much always had 2 GT games per PlayStation cycle, but one can dream.

      PS4 does come out this year, so GT6 could still be a launch title.

        This is Polyphony we’re talking about.

        I don’t think they’re capable of making a game in less than 8 years anymore. The way they’ve described the GT development process previously (and shown by the use of PS2 models in GT5), is that getting the engine up and running seems to be a comparatively small part of the development process and then way too many hours are spent building hundreds of cars/ tracks.

        Basically what I’m getting at is that if it was going to be a PS4 launch game they would have had to have the engine up and running and at least a few cars/ tracks by the time the PS4 announcement was made. I would think that if that was the case they would have shown GT6 at the PS announcement and not that other racing game.

          You make very valid points, but I'd like to think there's some sort of push behind this. The PS4 Hardware had to be close to final for a year before the announce so maybe a head start. Also PS4 is meant to be easy to program unlike the PS3 & PS2.

    Well we know Turn 10 have been working on Forza 5 for a couple of years now, the next Xbox is expected out before the end of November…..

    What do you want to bet this game comes out on PS3 2-3 weeks after a next generation Forza 5 and the entire world goes “meh”?

    GT is a great series but Polyphony have really gone off the boil as a development studio. PS3 is going to get ONE slightly disappointing GT game over a 6+ year generation, that’s very disappointing when you consider that they were the benchmark for a long time and huge system sellers for Sony. Meanwhile the Forza series has gone from strength to strength, pumping out great games full of properly-fleshed out content (no PS2 cars) every few years.

    Every GT I played got stale really quick. Yet they keep making more. I guess they make the sales.
    In terms of racing games, burnout paradise was the best, though the map was too small in my opinion and it felt like a box you were trapped in. GTA (i know its not a racing game) same story with the map, but the map felt larger and it didn't have that closed of limit vibe to it.

    It may be the date Polyphony are advertising but I bet it's not the date they meet. Unless they're using the GT5 engine and just adding new tracks, a new skin and (hopefully) new AI.

      you mean AI?

      It's only new if there was an old one there to begin with...... which... yeah.... Slot Car racer 5 had it in droves!!!

        Ha ha. There's something about being able to (ab)use the AI lines to nudge your way around a corner faster that just destroys a "Real Driving Simulator"

    I actually really enjoyed GT5 Prologue more than GT5.

    Hard to imagine why they'd do this as a PS3 game. I know they spent a lot of time and money making GT5, so maybe they feel they need to squeeze another game out of that engine to make it worthwhile. But GT5 + GT5 prologue sold 13 million copies between them - surely that would have been enough to cover the cost?

    Only gripe I had with GT5 were the limited vehicle modifications and the very generic engine noises, sounds nothing like what a car sounds like in real life especially going at full noise, just a little hum.
    Also as I'm writing this would be awesome if there was a cheaper alternative to the G27 Racing ($220ish atm?) Wheel, I only find myself wanting to play racing Sim's if I am able to use a complete racing wheel ie conventional Gearbox + Clutch and full rotational steering wheel

    bundle deal?

      Had a look it's still around the $300 mark for the g27 -_-

      I picked one up for something like $120 on catch of the day a while back, may be worth keeping an eye out for those kinds of one-off deals. I need to get a wheelstand pro for it, though, because my furniture is the wrong size to be able to use it comfortably just clipped to the coffee table.

        Ah I remember that deal! at the time I had no money for it but I just assumed it would come down to something like that by now lol, look's like I was wrong.

        I have a half cut of a jzx100 and a old racing seat waiting for this wheel in my man cave :\

          Why does the price of a premium steering wheel need to come down when there is no competition running against it. I agree it sucks they aren't cheaper but they have no reason to lower the price.

    Don't see at as a PS4 luanch title because Evolution Studios Drivers Club was being hyped by Sont as a PS4 luanch game and I don't see the, releasing two first party "real racing" games in that window, oh and Polythony take forever to do anything.

    Most likely a late PS3 cash grab using the same engibe as 5.

    I'm guessing it's a PS3 title but I really hope it's not. I'd rather they hold it off a couple more years and release it on the PS4. If they release it this year on PS3 it will be at least 5 years before we see a next gen version and I can't wait that long :( I really think they should keep it for PS4 (and make sure it's actually of a PS4 standard). I know a few friends who delayed their PS3 purchase for years just waiting for GT5. It would definitely be a PS4 system seller.

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