Oh, Alright! Here's Batman: Arkham City And All Its DLC For Six Bucks

It's not quite on the same level as today's other deal in the price department (hard to beat free), but as far as bargains go, it's simply delicious. For $US6, you can own Batman: Arkham City and all the game's DLC, which should give you plenty to do on a Sunday afternoon.

Spotted by leonheart1 over at OzBargain, Green Man Gaming has Batman: Arkham City: Game of the Year on sale, its regular price slashed from $US29.99 to $US7.49. However, you can take another $US1.49 off that by using the following code:


Keep in mind this isn't just the base game — it's the GOTY edition, so you're getting all the DLC as well... and there's quite a bit of it. As leonheart1 shares:

Batman: Arkham City — Game of the Year Edition includes the following DLC: Catwoman Pack, Nightwing Bundle Pack, Robin Bundle Pack, Harley Quinn’s Revenge, Challenge Map Pack and Arkham City Skins Pack.

Apologies in advance for the subsequent thinning of your wallet.

Batman Arkham City: Game of the Year [Green Man Gaming, via OzBargain]


    Nice deal. Anyone know if City runs as well as Asylum did on PC? I heard it had a lot of issues on launch, did they ever get fixed?

      Mine ran fine, never had a problem with it. Often if it's glitchy you can return it, hell EB would probably trade it for that price anyway.

      As far as I understood it, the PC version was regarded superiour to its console counterparts

        Definitely, when you kick in the Physx and the DX11 its quite spectacular looking.

      It runs pretty well on my PC, even when I had my older videocard.

        Good to hear. I was pretty impressed with how smoothly Asylum ran on my old card.

      It uses Games for Windows Live which means the first time you run it you'll be waiting for ages as it does 1 update at a time, restarting the game, next update, etc... :(

      Other then that it runs great, looks great..I wasn't a huge fan of the keyboard controls (especially for gliding around) and used a gamepad instead but I think that's just me personally.

        Game of the year edition is already patched

          I got GOTY edition from steam and still had to wait ageeeees first time I tried running it. every time after that it was fine though. Maybe I was just unlucky with GFWL being a bitch but I just thought I'd put it out there.

          Either way it's still definitely worth it. I got Arkham City on PS3 at release but never got the DLC, then picked up GOTY edition on PC (during a steam sale) for cheaper then the DLC alone. PC version looks waaay better then the PS3 version (and my PC isn't even that great) and has Mod support (not that I've tried any but I hear there's some interesting ones)

      Runs quite beautifully to be honest, it was a great port.

        Huh? It's a beast! Especially with any DX11 features enabled. It's use of tessellation is borked and will bring any high end graphics card to it's knees.

        If you want to run it on ultra, v-sync'd with ANY kind of AA implementation, you'll need more than a HD7970, because that's what I have (with a 4.3ghz quad core CPU) and I can't hit those settings.

        I run it v-sync'd, everything on max, 4xAA and all Dx11 features OFF and it's pretty nice. I need my games to be 60FPS+. I need the silk.

          My 660 seems to handle it perfectly. I dunno why you're needing that much to get it to run decently? O_o I've got everything off and constantly top around 40+ fps? *shrug* That's pretty damn smooth. If you're trying to get 60+ of course you're gonna run into trouble with everything on.

          Last edited 03/06/13 6:09 pm

            So you replied to the guy and basically said "YEah dude, it's awesome port, I can run it with all settings off and it's sweeeet!"

              And? What do you want? Tech support? Dont be a dick.

                Good advice. Maybe you should take it yourself? You're the one calling names. All I did was point out the obvious. Wasn't trying to be a dick about it. Not my fault that you don't know what you're on about.

                Just because it runs on a 4 year old pc with all settings on low doesn't mean it's a great port. It's still not a bad port, but the DX11 implementation is b0rked. It's common knowledge.

                  Rowan read your msg again you were needlessly aggressive. Now, you can keep going with this and have a little useless argument but its going to be one sided. Dont know why youre acting like this but take a step back and chill out. Enjoy the single sided convo from here on out wont even waste my time reading your reply. Ciao.

                So you talk rubbish, call me names and when I (nicely) call you out on it, you go all passive aggressive?

                Man you must be a fun person in RL. Ok. Whatever.

                Edit- oh. And I know you read this. Psychology!

                Last edited 04/06/13 12:22 pm

                  Dude, he might have said dont be a dick but you were needlessly aggressive before it. You started the whole thing. Funny though watching people argue on the net when theres so much more important things to do in life.

    wowoweewow! that's an awesome deal! for all of you that have not played/own the game! NOW is the time!!! :)

    I have the game, but with no DLC except skins (Cos they're AWEsome!).

    Is it worth buying the game just for the DLC and the ability to install from steam? (GMG capsule service sucks).

      I had and finished it on xbox but wanted the harley expansion. if u buy on xbox its $10 approx so cheaper getting another copy on pc with everything included. it's a win scenario. get it

      I bought the game at launch on 360 and more recently rebought it from GMG for about $10 the last time it was on sale with all DLC.

      The DLC is probably not worth it if you're not interested in playing the game again. Harley Quinn's Revenge is fairly short and not that memorable (by no means bad, just not something I'd tell people to go out of their way to play) and the challenge maps are only interesting if you were already enjoying the challenge maps in the vanilla version.

      If you want to play through the game again (something I highly recommend) then you should get this because the DLC is more interesting if you've recently played the vanilla version's content.

      That being said, for this price, there's no harm in getting it purely for the Harley Quinn DLC if you're interested in checking it out. I've paid more for much worse things than this DLC.

        This, although if you really want the DLC anyway (I mean if you'd been planning to get it on PS3/360 but never got around to it) then it's cheaper this way. As Trjn said though if you're kinda on the fence and aren't going to play the whole game again probably not, the DLC isn't very long - mostly just acts as an epilogue or finale to the game so-to-speak rather then a whole new chapter.

        I did it. It's a good deal, and I often play the challenge maps so having access to more characters to do so with will be sweet.

        And now I don't have to mess with greenmangaming anymore. I only buy steam titles from them now.

    Same here, I already have the base game and would love to play the DLC. No deals for me though =(

    Tried to get back into this again on the weekend.... Got bored.

    It was so convoluted. The Riddler stuff was fun in Asylum because it wasn't frigging everywhere... It's like they said "Hey that Riddler puzzle thing was well received let's turn that shit up to 11.... ....billion."

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