What Did We Think Of The Microsoft E3 Conference?

I'm exhausted. Utterly exhausted. Two liveblogs down, game announcment after game announcement, local pricing details... it's been a busy morning, but we managed to take time to put down some thoughts about Microsoft's E3 conference on video...

Long story short? It was good. There was a real focus on the games. Microsoft smartly avoided even engaging with the DRM/Used games situation, and as frustrating as it is for us, that's probably the smartest play for them right now.

Some of the games looked great, others were a little underwhelming. Battlefield 4 did nothing for me, and actually sucked the enthusiasm right out of my bones. Respawn's Titanfall? I thought it looked like a sexy, interesting reinvention of FPS multiplayer. It makes other shooters look dry and deathly boring. Can't wait to play more.

We also had a great look at Metal Gear Solid V, which looks like Red Dead Redemption, Assassin's Creed and a billion other games, but somehow doesn't look or feel like Metal Gear! Still, that game could be very special.

And how about that Australian price? $599. And that release date — in line with the other launch territories in November. I'm pleasantly surprised. When the US price was announced at $500 I feared the worst. I thought we might be looking at $700. $599 seems pretty reasonable considering, but I'm still hearing complaints from others...

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to James Flamestar for the use of his top notch music. You can hear more here!


    In terms of used games, Mark, was any of this from news.com.au confirmed/mentioned?


    It short, it is claimed Microsoft finally took a dose of common sense can have allowed users to loan and trade used games like in the past. Which is what it should have been when they first announced it.

      They announced this last week. "Selected partners" would be able to accept traded-in games.

      No, unfortunately - nothing has changed.

      Users can't loan and trade games "like in the past". You can still trade games at "participating retailers", presumably because they'll be the only ones who can issue the activation codes to be able to activate your used game. So you can't just buy/sell games private on eBay or through smaller retailers or general 2nd hand stores like cash converters or whatever. There's also some weird shit about only being able to pass games on to your friends once although they haven't really clarified exactly what that is supposed to mean.

      But saying it's anything like it was in the past is just an outright lie.

    Without going into the guts of what was talked about - sounds like they did a pretty solid job this year. The price point has definitely got me excited - I was always planning on picking this up early and sub-$600 sounds pretty fair. Of course you'll end up spending around $800ish (additional controllers, games, HDMI cables if that doesn't ship in the box) on release but hey, that's still better than the release price for the original 360 or the PS3.

    What I would love to see gaming wise would be a turn based strategy game ala Civ 5 taking advantage of the newer motion controls, would make me feel like an old general moving his pieces around a big map. By hand.

      Five dollar cables ain't going to rock your budget.

    600 is 200 too much. Especially since there is no bundled software plus a pay wall.

      Agreed. Unless you're made of money then surely you'd wait a year.

      Also considering we don't get all the features with not date on the arrival. $600 is massively to much.

      It includes kinect?

        So if I opt not to get a kinect it should be $100 less...right?

          No, you WILL have one, and you WILL like it. Micro$oft says so.

          And if your a gamer, you'll buy it.. because "gamers buy anything" said ms.

      $600 for the hardware isn't that bad. A PC capable of the same feat will probably set you back the same amount. I paid double for bits to build my last PC and it's probably on par with what the Xbox One will offer.

      If you think about it, it's pretty good; the US price is US$499, which doesn't include tax. Assuming that tax is 9%, this brings the price to US$543.91, which becomes AU$574.05 (as of now). The Australian price point is $599. The $24.95 difference is effectively for shipping and the "living on the other side of the world" tax that comes with not being part of the US market.

      The 360 was $699 when it came out, and the PS3 was $999 (up to $1200 at some places). Neither came bundled. We have had far, far worse deals in the past -- and with the original placeholder price set at $899, it's looking pretty good. Granted, I'd pay more to get backwards compatibility, but the lack of backwards compatibility is why the price can be so low.

      Yes, it doesn't come with a game, and yes, the price will drop after a year. This is no surprise.

        Yeah, precisely that. With conversion and the fact that the Australian dollar is now sliding down, the price is actually quite good. I'm almost surprised that we're not paying the Australian Tax on this.

        Games on the other hand might be a different story. I suspect that's where the gap will remain compared to the US.

    MGSV is going to be EPIC! :D cmon I cannot wait for Sony's turn!

    Haven't had time to read through much yet, but price seems decent. Still not getting one though.

    I also stumbled across this, apparently you get a special achievement for pre-ordering one.



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    Getting a Jason Bourne vibe from the screenshot on the main page...

    I'm surprised with the price actually. Sure it's still a lot of money, but I was expecting $700'ish, it's cheaper than the X360 and PS3 were at launch.


    As a Dad with 2 kids under 10 there is absolutely nothing there that says "buy me", let alone anything that says it's worth $600. It feels antiseptic. Bland black box, bland cookie cutter games, TV on my TV ... big whoop. This thing has 8 cores, can read heartbeats and sense your fear, for goodness sake there's got to be better than this.

    Ha ha 'not underwhelmed, not overwhelmed, just whelmed'. My new word for the week.

    600 dollars retail is fantastic to hear. A slight reprieve form the heartache we will probably endure just playing it every day. The deletion of MS points is also fantastic to hear. No more '20 points short I have to pay another $8.25 for a measly 500 pts'. With Blu Ray and Cloud technology, this will be both an interesting console to use and a pain in the ass as well :)

      No, you won't have to worry about being short on points, but I'd wager dollars to donuts that they'll have a similar system to Sony, i.e. only being able to load your wallet in ten dollar increments.

      So now instead of having things cost 400, 800, 1200 points etc, they'll have them priced at $8.95 or $14.95, or something similar, so you always have money left over in your account. It's good business, if you have money left in your account, you'll spend it, and oh, look at that you've got $6.95 loaded on your account and what you want to purchase is $9.95, so you better load another 10 bucks on there.

      Yes it's a better system, and it allows people to know how much they're spending without trying to convert points to dollars, but it's still the same in some ways.

        Or you could just use a debit/credit card and not have to worry about having left over money in your PSN account...

    i was hoping for more mature games,like red dead bioshock infinite or the last of us not more dudebro games .i think gamers as a whole are no longer 14 year old cod fans.oh well hope now loes with sony.

    Price wise I think they have done well, the specs are good and its probably subsidised around $100 (I assume the Kinect guts are quite expensive). Unless of course the Ps4 comes out at $100 cheaper than we know we are paying for that Kinect 2.0

    The games though were hogwash, I haven't seen them all granted but the ones I did left me feeling like the console is a lost cause.
    - Halo, COD, Titan, Sunset overdrive, all rubbish shooters.
    - The Witcher, itwill be on other machines
    - Metal Gear, Hate the series
    - Killer Instinct, dont like fighting games
    - Dead Rising, bwahahahah that is a joke right? because the previous 2 were terrible
    - Minecraft, that needed its own announcement really REALLY?
    - World of Tanks....... No

    Then there is Ryse, the only game im interested in of the whole bunch. But of course i liked the look of it literal years ago when it was first announced and if its been in development fr this long i can only assume it will be sub-par (because that is what happens the majority of the time).

    The console is a flop in every single aspect to me.

      Minecraft had sold 4.48 million copies on X360 by the end of last year, so yes, it really was a big deal for them to announce they still had it.

        Its minecraft, at this stage every single person who wants to play it has it. I actually wonder who the hell cares enough for it to be on the "next console", Its not E3 big announcement news worthy at all.

          I'm not entirely sure that's true given that the game continues to sell pretty solidly on multiple platforms.

          Besides, you can't carry over X360 digital stuff to Xbone. So they'll sell millions of copies of it again. Assuming anyone actually buys into Microsoft's system.

    Six hundred is on the very upper end of reasonable to me (I'm guessing if $700 was too much, and $500 was a lot, you feel the same way?).

    Even so, too rich for my blood. At least the price means that early adopters stand to get their money's worth out of the thing in a reasonable amount of time.

    Game-wise, I'm yet to hear anything from the reveals that makes me feel like I'll be missing out.

    Disappointed that Dead Rising 3 is an exclusive (hoping it merges to PC or PS4 at some point in the future, they did only say exclusive 'launch' title), I loved the look of Titanfall (actually never heard of it before, I must have been living under a rock).

    The Battlefield 4 gameplay from the EA conference wowed me, whilst the Microsoft footage didn't peak my interest in the slightest. I guess that's because at heart it will always be a stronger multiplayer experience; love that they're bringing back proper squad-play and the Commander position (have missed this dearly since 2142), and god damn, the SCALE! 2013 is the year of grand scale :P

    The Ryse: Son of Rome game struck me as a mix between Shadow of Rome (minus the gore / over-the-top violence, but still just as visceral) and strangely enough, WH40K Space Marine. I don't mean this in terms of theme, but rather the gameplay; the character movement and general 'feel' looked like it would feel similar to play as SM was; especially in terms of weakening opponents and performing quick-time executions.

    The console itself doesn't interest me in the slightest, but there are some pretty strong games coming for it! :o

    The games I would be interested in are going to be on other platforms. Still not excited for the Xbone in the slightest.

    The price is good, but I still see nothing to entice me to purchase. The exclusives were meh at best.

    Im struggling to see a major upgrade between BF3 and BF4 here... O_o I guess I should have played BF3 more. It must be all that brown colouring and grey colouring that's drowning out the advancement in tech.

      nah you missed the point, the main difference from BF3 to 4, is that you can now be blinded by the flash light from 4km's away not just 2 :P

        rofl you got a great laugh from me in real life lol

        Brilliant. :P

        What did you guys think of the footage shown during EA's though?

    From what I've read it was solid. Not bad, but nothing mouth watering either. None of the exclusives looked liked must buys to me. Nonetheless I'll probably pick it up, the price seemed reasonable to me. Now I'm looking forward to Sony's and Nintendo's conferences.

    Was actually really surprised, everything except for killer instinct and ryse had me wowed. Think microsoft made up for a lot of mistakes from the console reveal.

    None of this makes any difference to me, since it is still always online. Refuse to support the new Xbox unless they go back on this, which they won't.

    @serrels looks utterly wrecked.

    Get some sleep, mang.

    Not even the Killer Instinct announcement was enough to convince me I wanted one. As much as I want to play a new KI game, I'm not about to drop $600 on a console to do so.

    Overpriced to hell. They are trying to market to the average consumer with all the TV stuff that we don't even get and they expect them to pay that much. Microsoft has no sense. #MSDoomed

    Mark you're tired head is making me tired! haha

    Could also be the 4 hours sleep... damn you Marvel Heroes.

    Is that Ben who edited this? Ben, you are an editing machine. Or... in the case of whoever edited this, you are said machine. I worked as an editor professionally for nearly a year and couldnt have hoped to put together a funky montage that well in that amount of time XD

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