For One Day, Watch Dogs Looks Terrible

This isn't a machinima video from 2008. It's actually a trailer for Watch Dogs that Ubisoft released today. In 2013. The game's looked great on PC and next-gen hardware, but this clip - showing what's surely current-gen footage - suggests that more than a few concessions have had to be made to squeeze the game onto older hardware.

This Is Aisha Tyler's Watch Dogs Character [IGN]


    Oh god, my eyes hurt

      Yep me too!... But my wallet hurts more, i have 150 bucks sunk into the collectors edition!!!.... Lets hope for some serious pollish b4 this one comes out!!

      Looks fine to me. If these graphics are a problem with you guys then you will be very upset with gtaV.

    Even for current-gen that looks shit imo. Before anyone has a go at me for it, I'm not just talking about the graphics (although the textures are pretty bad), the animation quality, number of AI being processed, etc. Compared to almost any PS3/360 game from the past year or so, this is horrible....

    i.e. 0:16 Look at his hands lol

      I agree, every time i see this the game looks worse... Its most probably cos the first gameplay we saw was probably 'target gameplay'... Like that first Killzone 2 trailer was 'target gameplay'...

    are we sure this isn't for like the wii u or something?

      Best. Comment. Ever..

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    "suggests that more than a few concessions have had to be made to squeeze the game onto older hardware."

    Even if thats true, I fail to see why they would show current gen footage in a trailer, but they are scaling the game down, but most probably on everything. After seeing all the 'next gen' reveals at e3 it seems to me like watch dogs was alittle over ambitions and now is being toned down, and my bet is that everything will be toned down.

    Cos after all, not all of us have gtx680's and i7's...

    Maybe they made it specifically for next gen, and this was just a dodgy port for PS3, Xbox and Wii U? I hope this isnt for PS4.
    Although, most footage so far has been gameplay footage with nice glossy rain... which kinda hides low res textures and fake lighting.

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      Though, to be fair, I would be really happy with an entire game taking place with nice, glossy rain. :)

      I'm a fan of rain. What can I say.

      That's what I was hoping, had been planning to get this as soon as I get a PS4 (whenever that ends up being). After this I'm a bit worried though, will be interested to see how it goes on release.

    I don't get why they would release a video using current gen hardware, developers always use the best looking version of the game in the trailers... doesn't make sense?

      Echoes of Colonial Marines, perhaps? Maybe because these'll be the ones to actually hit TV and cinemas or whatever in time for a current-gen release, so they can't get sued/tapped politely on the shoulder by consumer watchdogs coughing and saying, "You let people believe their current-gen machines would be playing a game that looked like your next-gen trailers."

      Still seems weird, though. I thought they were going for a simultaneous release.

    So... uhh... Does it really matter what it looks like?

      Like I said above if you look closely (this trailer isn't great for this sort of thing I admit) you can see the animation and processing quality is also pretty crap, there also seems to only be 3-4 AI walking (rather akwardly) at a time, not exactly very immersive when it's supposed to be a crowded city.

      Compare that with the gameplay that has been shown until now (or many other recent AAA titles; Bioshock Infinite, Last of Us, hell even Assassin's Creed III - bugs and all) and it seems like a launch PS3 title - alright that's probably a bit of an exaggeration but you get what I mean right?

    This is certainly current gen footage! Isn't that bad! I also think UBISOFT purposely showed this footage to keep up morale as people will notice as we have also seen next gen in game footage!

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    looks to me like this is the low graphical setting option for the game, believe it or not a lot of people are running tech that's already several generations old, and while it's good for companies to build their games to next gen specs it's better for them to also include the majority of their user base which will be running current or previous gen tech.

    basically high end quality is good in the long run because it keeps your game visually relevant, but in the short term most people are more worried about whether they can run the damn thing on their computer without throwing money at new hardware.

    Was anyone really considering getting this game on current gen consoles? I know it's not even a vague possibility for me - it's going to be one of the games worth buying a PS4 for.

      I was going to wait for the DF verdict but since I ain't buying launch day hardware then yeah I was considering it.

    Turns out it was a botched render, according to a tweet from Ubisoft's Jonathan Morin, so it's not representative of any version.. (*sigh of relief*)
    Its simply someone who don't know the tech who check the wrong stuff... So no versions here...


    That was in 720p...


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