What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It's the weekend after PAX Aus, and the weekend after the Steam sale. I'm sure many of you have quite a lot new on your plate, and a lot of ideas after checking out PAX's freeplay area. What are you going to tackle over the weekend?

Did anyone see any interesting board games at PAX Aus that they grabbed? I spotted some board games from a designer I respect a lot, David Sirlin, in the form of Yomi and Puzzle Strike. Didn't have time to play them, unfortunately.

I did manage to pick up Dust: An Elysian Tail in the Steam sale though. I didn't know much about it, but the trailer made it look fantastic. Luke Plunkett's post about Mercenary Kings has me really wanting to get some Metal Slug action, and I keep hearing good things about Rogue Legacy as well. I'm also previewing a game that I'll be posting about here next week, and can't talk about yet, but I'm sure you'll find your way to the answer. All roads seem to lead to there.

My OUYA has also arrived, and I'm actually really excited. About the games, sure - but moreso just to break the damn thing. I've already got my Youtube vids bookmarked on how to side-load, hack, emulate... I honestly think the majority of the fun for me will be finding ways to use it other than what was intended.

How about you?


    Shadowrun Returns dropped today, so I'll be hitting that up, along with the usual BF3. Just about finished Elite Four on B2, and will likely start W2 afterwards as well.

    In between times will be filled with Gurren Lagann! Picked up the collection and watching that through too. So good. Gainax! \o/

    Shadowrun Returns, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, and The Witcher 2.

    Max Payne 3!

    Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D!

    Animal Crossing!

    Something else that I haven't decided maybe Pikmin 3 if I buy it!

    I was hoping to play Shadowrun on ios but it's unfortunately absent. Anyone got any idea why?

      It's not slated for iOS yet, that's down the line.

        Ok, I'm confused now. All the coverage I've read says its launching on PC/IOS/Android on the 25th and Linux later on.

          There's only OSX and Windows on the backer website

            I had more of a look and there's conflicting reports, some say that the tablet version will be out alongside the PC and others say the tablet version will be out later. So I'm inclined to believe the later. Either way I sent the developers a message asking them for a confirmation.

    Shadowrun returns... that is all.

    I'll be playing Riptide GP 2 this weekend. Yeah, it's a mobile game, but it's awesome. And Vector Unit. I love those guys.

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    Oh man Pikmin comes out Saturday doesn't it? I guess I'll have to get that. And maybe play it.

      The fact there is hesitation in your tone disappoints me!
      Started this game last night and it is just as awesome as its predecessors if not moreso

        But it's seventy buuuuuuuuuuucks... I've spoilt myself, anything over $40 just feels expensive now.

    Board game wise, after PAX I had to go pick up Shadows over Camelot, 7 Wonders and Smash Up. Looking forward to getting some time on these once I can convince people to gather in the same place.

      If they had online support, I'd totally join you. Unless you need to use friend codes. Yuck.

        You could always show up to my place for my weekly board game meats. 7 Wonders always gets played and I'll probably be grabbing Shadows over Camelot and Smash Up soon.

          No, that involves being free at the time when you are, and then travelling to get there. Internet enabled gaming is the way of the future.

            Nonsense. Online gaming is just a fad. Tabletop gaming is what all the cool kids are doing.

              Actually not far from the truth here. Those PAX Aus tables were packed with people wanting to play board games all weekend!

                If you saw people playing a card game backwards and yelling "HANABI!", that was me. Well, I was one of those people in the group.

                Board games are rad.

    Since everyone's talking about it..Shadowrun returns yay or nay? @dnr @dekkar @shadow @redartifice @ynefel

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      In principle, yes, but I haven't started playing yet- ask me tonight or tomorrow

        Will do but it looks like it plays abit like fallout 2 mixed with xcom is that sorta true because if it is I'm in.

          Closer to the latter, with elves, trolls, street samurai and dwarves

    Shadowrun Returns, with a side of Kerbal Space Program maybe (there's a new update for that), and some Sir! Your are being hunted!

    shadowrun returns!!!!!
    i have been counting down the days and installed it on steam this morning and started to make a character but i had to stop otherwise i would have been late for work :(

    Umm ... does sleep count as a game?

    Probably an hour or so of new vegas and some animal crossing

    Shadowrun Returns, State of Decay and I promised myself I'd finally start playing through all the Dragon Age: Origins add ons (finished the main game five or six times and awakening once, but none of the others).

    The Last of Us is done and the shiny platinum is mine so I've moved onto some dlc for other games. Sleeping Dogs is next. Will probably play a little RE6 co-op as well.

    Would love to play Pikmin 3 but I'm getting it for my birthday, so have to wait till next week :/

    Shadowrun Returns...looks good so far, apparently the campaign is quite short so might even finish it this weekend.

    Pikmin 3 :)

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