While You Were Sleeping

Here's your extra special weekend edition of While You Were Sleeping, for an extra special weekend that included both PAX Aus and Comic Con. Let's start off with the latter's best cosplay, and see what the rest of the gaming world was up to in the meantime.

And here we go! As we can see, there's no need to go out and seek the cosplay. You can let the cosplay come to you.

Looks like there'll be a HD version coming out for one of gaming's most confusingly-spelled franchises, Soul Calibur 2. And because we were all demanding it, Donkey Kong is now ported to the Atari 2600. Good to see they're on top of that.

College football in the United States will stay in the videogaming world for another three years at least, and though no one's expecting it to topple Madden anytime soon, there's no denying the rising popularity of the younger, riskier, arguably more entertaining sector of the sport.

Game designer and author of Playing to Win, David Sirlin, is bringing a sequel to Chess out exclusive to the OUYA. Chess 2: The Sequel features new modes, new win conditions, asymmetrical factions, and less emphasis on memorised openings.

Apparently, some of the best gaming parodies are from a kiwi named Michael Shanks.

South Park has been venturing more and more into the videogaming world, and just in case you're unclear on Trey Parker's stance on DLC, he has a few choice words for you.

A new Ace Combat is coming to PS3: Infinity. Space, and craters, appear to be involved.

We'll have a separate PAX Aus round-up a bit later on. And if I'm not mistaken, we don't have a Game of Show yet... I might have to rectify that. (Hint: it rhymes with Schrabitron)

Alert Ghost Crab image by Shutterstock


    Well, at least it wasn't a picture of a baby or something.

    Game of show would have to be the meta game of you guys trying to help Joaby up after he alleviated himself of a vertical sitting position on the GA podcast.

      It's a modern miracle that in that large window of time, and in this age of smartphones, no one got a picture of that.

        The mental image still charges unfaltering through my brain.

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