Time For The Grandest Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Of Them All

This is it, ladies and gentlemen. All those other Grand Theft Auto V trailers were merely warm-up acts, keeping the crowd entertained until this, the official trailer, was ready to take the stage.

This is the trailer you pull up if a friend of yours asks "Say, what's this Grand Theft Auto V I've been hearing so much about?" It's the answer. Show them this, then maybe ease them into a preview with a little music.

You wouldn't show them the three character trailers — they'd have no context. You wouldn't drop them headfirst into the trailer with the multiplayer reveal at the end, because the wouldn't get it. Why not go with the first or second? What are you, insane?

Trust me, stick with this one. It's got everything — action, adventure, explosions, clever dialogue. They'll think Grand Theft Auto V is a movie, and they'll be pleasantly surprised when they find out it's so much more.


    Why is this under PC? As far as I'm aware no announcement has been made on a PC version yet.

    Why can't I wake up every morning to delicious things like this?

      You need a hot lady friend...who then turns on your Xbox or PS, loading up GTA V and then letting you play for as long as you like, whilst bringing you beers and various snacks. ;-)

        Mmmmm, snacks. Speaking of which, I need to stock up on snacks and supplies since I doubt I'll be leaving the house for a couple of days when this comes out.

        That should be offered as a pre order package.

    If a friend of mine says "What’s this Grand Theft Auto V I’ve been hearing so much about?”, they are no longer my friend.

    Theres epic. Then there's that. Wow. Just. Wow. Holy crap.

    I'm already looking forward to the next one

      Imagine what Rockstar could do with consoles 10x more powerful. The possibilities are endless.

    Worst game of the decade*

      (*quote from one of the most replied to YouTube comments on the trailer)

    I haven't been this excited since GTA3 came out.

      San Andreas was the best GTA experience I've had.... I think this one will top it !!!

    Textures and models, i am the dissapoint

    Rockstar, why you use GTA3 graphics?

    Last edited 30/08/13 9:34 am

      Because when you create the most in depth open world experience in history, and are forced to run in on a 10 year old piece of hardware, some things must be cut back. Cut back the world size? NO. Cut back on the detail? NO Cut back on all of the amazing 1%'ers the make GTA great? HELL NO. Gameplay trumps graphics. If you so badly want cutting edge graphics, wait for the PC release, cause all of the in engine Trailers looked beautiful.

      Sigh. There's always one...

      PS. I'd love to play the version of GTA III that you played as mine never looked even remotely as good as that!

      Last edited 30/08/13 6:39 pm

        its called a hyperbole

        GTA4 was a NOTICEABLE jump in graphics

        i know gtav has improvements especially detail and scale

        but what i want is a truly hyperrealistic texture pack

    well the wait is way longer than 2 weeks for me..... im a PC gamer .....

      I'll reluctantly be doing the same thing. It's tempting to get it on console straight away, but I know I'd just end up buying it twice. This game in particular looks like it will have quite a visual difference between console and PC versions, and I want to give GTAV the room it needs to really stretch it's legs.

      Last edited 30/08/13 10:05 am

        I only play on console but i totally agree. The earlier trailers, the "In engine" trailers looked beautiful. That kind of visual fidelity wont be on the xbox and PS. If your PC can run GTAV om max, your gonna be in for a real treat, but you'll have to wait. :)

    Coming September 17? So what I just did in my pants was premature?


    Man.. I've not been this tempted to get my PS3 out of storage since... well never.... I will still try to hold out for a few months for a PC release announcement though :)

    i wouldnt be surprised if in a year we see the announcement for next gen and PC

    so i'm guessing the overall storyline is a couple of friends who used to be hard-core crims "back in the day" but have tried to leave their past behind them, until one of them here's about the "heist to end all heists", so they call in a few friends that they've been told can help, but then everything gets a little out of hand. Basically, Ocean's 11, but turned up to 11.

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