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Telltale's last game wasn't half bad was it? Snagging all the Game of the Year awards and whatnot. So I was always looking forward to what Telltale's next project. This is The Wolf Among Us and it looks pretty slick.

I'm already picking up a few things from this debut trailer. First of all, the dialogue is crisp and the voice acting matches it. For the kind of games that Telltale makes, that is sort of essential. Also: the universe. I'm not too familiar with the 'Fables' universe, but it looks intricate and engaging.

And thirdly the art style looks bananas. I am pretty excited for this game.

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    This looks pretty excellent. The art direction and voice acting specifically. I would love to see a more advanced version of their Telltale Tool but you can't say this isn't a huge improvement from Jurassic Park and Back to the Future. (With their plastic people. :D)

    Telltale’s last game wasn’t half bad was it?
    No, it was all bad!

    Sorry. I've been watching a lot of the Muppets recently :-)

    TellTale's ongoing insistence on removing puzzles from their games means they're of little interest to me, but it does seem like they're continually improving the quality of their experiences. I'm glad they've found a solid fan base, and probably a much larger one than they'd reach with a more traditional adventure.

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