Players Freaked Over Achievement That Requires Them To Kiss Boys

Players Freaked Over Achievement That Requires Them To Kiss Boys
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Achievement hunters will do anything to get their precious 1000G… but that doesn’t mean they’ll always be happy about it. Case in point: Bully‘s “Over The Rainbow” achievement, which requires players to kiss other boys for 20g. Cue homophobia from reluctant players over on Xbox360achievements.

A sampling of the responses over at Xbox360achievements:

Yes, most of these happened a while ago — they were recently discovered by Mexican Flyer on Tumblr. In the post that’s only now floating around, Flyer asks us to take a look at the reaction to other achievements that are also of a sexual nature…

Curious to look back on this, like digital archeology or something. Makes you wonder if people have gotten any better about these sorts of things?

Video game achievement hunt [Mexican Flyer]


  • I didn’t even get a chance to kiss the boys – got annoyed with having to go to class and stopped playing – I know I missed a great game but didn’t like school much the first time. Did not like going back – even vicariously.

    • The obvious solution to that problem was just not showing up and wandering around town instead. It feels a little old now in comparison to the current stuff Rockstar is putting out, but still worth playing!

  • Oh Patricia! What you won’t do for hits!

    Getting reactions from a game that was released in 2008! Perhaps we should tip her off on the other big stories of that year… Like being able to look at girlie pictures in Metal Gear Solid 4… or receive a lap dance in GTA IV and if you were to have 3 lap dances in a row, a second girl is added into the mix!


    Randon Question – I know that AU Kotaku auto publishes alot of the US content, but what happens to the clicks for the AU domain? Are they reported back to the US also? I would be massively content that my click for this story is only counted on the AU side of things, as I have no problem with the local content and obviously more clicks leads to more money for Mark and the crew!

    • Did you even read the article? I hope so because you took the time to write such a long comment. Which means your problem lies in your ability to comprehend what you read (in fact I’m sure of it given the other examples you cite).

  • While I will admit I sometimes have issue with things that Patricia posts on, in this case I will defend her. Mostly because if you look at the source which she linked in the post that led to this article, it was only posted 3 days ago. So… if you want to blame someone for making news out of old content, head on over to Mexican Flyer and complain there.

    I do, however find the responses to an achievement of this nature hilarious. It’s not like you are actually kissing a real guy, not that there’s anything wrong with doing that (oh… and if you heard some of the stories I’ve heard about boarding schools…). It’s a game. Then for the other games, being a pervert is actually encouraged. I’m sorry, but I have more of an issue with that, than an achievement for kissing boys in a game. And before anyone asks, I’m male, and I’m heterosexual.

  • I was far more disturbed by Lollipop Chainsaw achievements and game play……now that game made me feel uncomfortable to the point where I will never finish it.

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