Off Topic: Name A Song You're Currently In Love With

Or, in the popular vernacular of the day: what, pray tell, is currently your 'jam'?

For some reason I am all about pop music these days, to the point where I made a Spotify playlist titles 'Pop Music is great in 2013'. But it is! It really is.

On that playlist is a bunch of stuff. White Teeth Teens by Lorde, Applause by Lady Gaga, R U Mine? by the Arctic Monkeys, Work Bitch by Britney Spears. At the moment, it's all about the pop music for me.

What about you ladies and gents? What are you currently listening to?


    We Are- Karnivool

      Rad! I'm absolutely in love with that entire album. The Last Few is my favourite off it at the moment.

      When it comes to Australian alternative/prog rock, Karnivool really are in a league of their own. Amazing band! Sound Awake is one of my favourite albums of all time and I'm loving Asymmetry at the moment.

      *self promotion* If you're into NIN, Queens of the Stone Age, Karnivool etc then please check out my one-man band.
      My EP comes out next month and the video above is the first song from it. Let me know what you think!

      I respect Karnivool's technical proficiency and tightness, but I gotta say, they're kinda pale imitations of overseas bands in my opinion. Too much like Tool, but not as good, and taking rhythm ideas from Meshuggah without ever getting close to their level. Plus the name is ridiculous - Kinda-Tool more like it, amiright amiright?

      Full power to you if you're into it though

    Cant say I'n in love with it but.....
    Play "Bonfire Heart" by James Blunt
    Then play "Just Breathe" by Pearl Jam

    Is it just me, or is it so damn close it might as well be a direct rip? (not including lyrics)

    Also I've not even heard of Lorde, nor any of the songs you've listed, Mark.

      I'm pretty sure that is a good thing. :P
      I only know of some of these because I have an almost teenaged daughter.

        Whaaaat, why is that a good thing? Dangerous territory strange!

          I wouldn't say it to just anyone, Sughly! I know J Swinbanks on Twitter and we've spoken about music a few times. Our tastes overlap a bit. That's all.

      Lorde is great. She's this 16 year old girl with a fuck tonne of musical talent.

      When I say that, she sounds like some manufactured 'singer idol' business, but she isn't. She's actually a rather fantastic musician and songwriter. Worth checking out if you're into it.

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    Pusha T - Nosetalgia (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

    This track (& video) is so raw. That's how I love my hip hop.

    Recently got the new Panic at the Disco album current favorite is: Girls/Girls/Boys

    Haken - Cockroach King

    I thought this Lorde track had the sweetest tune: - Tennis Court

    Currently on a Sabaton binge. In love with? Carolus Rex and Primo Victoria. Oh, and their tribute songs - Metal Crue and Metal Machine.

      I can't even listen to Metal Machine anymore after seeing Joakim say it was about his penis, the first time I saw them live. :P

        Yea... Can't deny it kinda takes a weird turn after the solo...

        I've learned to stop looking into the *artists* meanings behind songs and just accept my own...... too many a great song have been ruined for me :-( lol

      get some Got Mins Uns in there, and some White Death :D

        Definitely agree on White Death. Pretty much had all five albums on shuffle and repeat since Monday morning, pure awesome.

    Dunno. Probably something Judas Priest though.

      Painkiller and A Touch of Evil are going through my head ...

        Eat Me Alive was the last I listened to, and it's still lingering :P

    That weird crossover song Call me a Hole. It shouldn't work but it really freakin' does.

      Reminds me of this this mashup i heard that also shouldn't work but does.

        That one really does work in a weird way. Can't wait to make a mate of mine who is a huge Disturbed fan (like me) have a fit with that one.

    Modjo - Lady Hear Me Tonight

      Thank you, i now have that song stuck in my head.... and loving it.

    The latest Arcitc Monkeys album (AM) is superb. I like "Do I Wanna Know" and "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High" the most at the moment.

    Contrasting that I'm really enjoying Sub Focus' latest album. The album version of "Endorphines" has compeltely refreshed my love for the song as it is a lot different to the Radio Edit/Single.

    Lana Del Ray, a bit of Opeth, and i've gone full retard for Spectrum of Mana, which is currently on repeat in my car.

      Lana Del Ray is my wife's current obsession - I really like 'National Anthem'

        I never really gave a a second glance to Lana Del Ray..... then one day heard a song of hers..... She has been my Siren ever since. Once I hear her voice, I simply cannot stop listening.

        And National Anthem is simply beautiful. Her song for The Great Gatsby, Young and Beautiful, is also stunning. Really complimented that movie perfectly.

    There's an amazing new female fronted punk band from Barcelona called The Violets. Their song "Stone" in incredible. Also their album is free from their band camp page.

    We just got a whole bunch of new CDs delivered but I can't go past the Lingua Mortis Orchestra one, specifically the first song 'Cleansed by Fire'.
    Have barely listened to anything else for the past week. Haven't even touched the new Sabaton live boxset which arrived on the same day, and they're my favourite band. So yeah, highly recommend LMO for any power metal kind of fans out there. :)




    After seeing the Dark Souls II trailer with "Aching Bones", I have listened to Nadine Shah's "Love Your Dum and Mad" album quite a lot as well as "The Path" soundtrack. I'm thinking of moving on to the "CatGirl Without Salad Unofficial Soundtrack" and "Rakuen" soundtrack soon though once I buy them.

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    Korpiklaani - Rise. Loving the Finnish Shaman Metal!

      On man, I'm very much looking forward to seeing those guys again next week. They're so fun. :D

        Are you in Melbourne? I'm seeing them too for the first time!

          Aww, I'm in Brisbane. Could have had a mini-Kotaku meet-up!

          Gonna be an awesome night,regardless. Have fun. :D

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          I am in Melbourne, seeing them next week :D Hoping to get the barrier!

    Heavens Divide by Donna Burke - purely because I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for 'Sins of the Father' to come out (I think that song was probably the highlight of E3)

    J. Arthur Keenes Band - Foe Paw

    Indie meets chiptune? Fantastic stuff.

    Also been listening to Cymbals, CHVRCHES, Lorde, Metronomy and Michael Shanks of Doomsday Arcade and Timtimfed himself, Roadgeek.

    Actually I've also been listening to a lot of Muse recently. I didn't really like their new album when it first came out, but I've been listening to it this past week a bit and it isn't as bad. I think Panic Station, Supremacy and Survival are what really save that album though.

    Annnnnnnnd always, I'm listening to aivi & surasshu. Nothing quite as lovely as aivi & surasshu.

    Edit: How could I forget? Ra Ra Riot too.

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    Reflektor -- Arcade Fire, oh man, I love this so much. The French bits in particular. So moody and atmospheric.

    I've been listening to a bit of Fox Stevenson, MitiS and Maduk also The Story so Far for my punk/pop needs

    Currently playing DmC, so Combichrist.

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