This Amazing Minecraft Comic Will Make You Want To Play More Minecraft

I can't even pretend to understand Minecraft. To me Minecraft is the domain of creative, malleable thinkers and I am a slow witted buffoon. I have never understood the appeal. But this amazing comic makes me wish I did.

It's an ongoing comic that, according to its creator Alexander Diochon, applies the "Minecraft mechanics in a sequentialistic manner". Basically it's an attempt to represent the game through a story that incorporates everything that Minecraft throws at you. It's a beautiful, silent, artful take on one of the defining video games of our era. I love it to death.

I've posted part one of the comic below, but you really need to read through the rest at Alexander Diochon's website. Part 2 is here and part 3 can be found here.

Absolutely gorgeous.

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    To me Minecraft is the domain of creative, malleable thinkers and I am a slow witted buffoon. I have never understood the appeal.

    This is me, I played it for five minutes and thought, boring, I can't be bothered with this, ejected the disc and took it back.

      What did you expect to happen in that first five minutes..?

        I dunno, but I'm not very creative, so I don't know why I thought I might like it.

        I guess after hearing so many people carry on about it like it's the best thing ever made me want to see what all the fuss was about.

          You could always explore? I prefer exploring to doing anything incredibly creative.

          I suppose someone who likes Lego would like it.

            I like lego, but I like building what the instructions tell me, I'm absolutely crap at trying to build something off the top of my head, as I said, I'm not very creative.

            My friend in Adelaide took his copy back because he said it was too addictive, and it's the same with Forza, he'll spend hours customizing paint jobs, vinyls and whatnot on cars, whereas all I wanna do is race.

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              The first time I played Minecraft there was this big monolithic mountain with overhangs and I spent the next couple of weeks mining underneath it while constructing a fortress inside the mountain complete with huge glass windows. I then set about trying to use water and cactuses and large drops and various things to make monster killing traps.

              The most amazing thing is when you achieve something in the game and wonder if the developers even contemplated that the players would do this when they were setting up these rules. Both Lego and Minecraft are essentially sandbox games, where you can set your own goals, AND they are also examples of environments where "emergent gameplay" (or gameplay events created by the player, not the author) take place.

              If you only ever followed the instructions with Lego (or MineCraft) you are missing out on a lot. A bucket full of Lego is full of infinite possibility.

            I love lego, still have a huge mini-wheely bin full of it. But what is the goal and point of Minecraft. To what end and I depositing 100's of hours in to this game?

              I could spent hours on lego too, and all I get in the end was feeling satisfied I suppose...

            People who like Lego are objectively better than people who don't. FACT.

    I love it!!!
    This comic shows Minecraft just how it should be!

    The comic is so good. That's exactly what minecraft is like. You're right, it does make e want to play minecraft again.

    I jumped on Minecraft on that Alpha/Beta way, way back when. I played it for a bit then didn't go back to it.

    Now (as in really recently), all my friends have jumped on the MC bandwagon (on the xbox). But they're moving to PC gaming soon, I told them I'd set them up a sever (I'll be running a local linux box anyway soon enough) for 'em when they move to PC. They were contented with that.

    The thing that amazes me about Minecraft is the sheer recognition factor it has. I have a plush creeper in my office, and visitors to our office frequently identify it (usually accompanied by "My bloody kids play Minecraft and...")

    I don't think any game has had this level of mainstream recognition since Pokemon.

      I work at a cinema, and last year when we had Wreck-It Ralph, I remember seeing a kid pointing at the poster with a pixelated face of Ralph on it and saying "hey look, it's Minecraft".

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    I read the comic, and I have no idea what happend - a guy climbs a pyramid, gets attacked by some creature, falls down, eats bread. Punchline?

      Why does it need to have a punchline? It's not meant to be funny.

    The only problem I have with Minecraft is that it takes time. I usually don't have a lot of time, so when I do play Minecraft, there is no end, I just play, which is lovely, but then I look over at my pile of shame, and then I can't just relax and play Minecraft, because I have a whole load of games I need to try and start at some point, let alone finish.

      I think you've just nailed why I find it difficult to play. I don't get that much time to play games nowadays.

    I'll make sure I show my 9 year old son the comic, he might get a kick out of it and inspire him to start drawing his own comics/minecraft stories.

    For the life of me, I just can't get into Minecraft. Last year at school the craze was World's Hardest Game... Those sorts of games are just time-wasters to me.

    Im a real creative type and I find Minecraft really stifling. I don't want to work in rigid rows and conforming cubes. I want wondrous archways, sweeping curves, I want to build diagonally. I've tried many times to express myself but it all feels so bland and blocky, like someone is standing over me forcing me to build things in a pre-detirmined fashion. I do enjoy the social aspect of the game, but each session we start feels like it contains about an hour of fun as we scramble to gather some basic supplies to survive the night ... but after that it becomes kinda boring without a goal or point to the experience.

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      You gotta think BIG!
      You want angles and archways make em HUGE!

        Exactly what I was gonna say. Once you start building you quickly realise the scale you need to construct at is a lot bigger than you would think, but anything is possible with the right planning.

        But I don't want to build massive structures. Then it becomes like making gigantic pixel art, which I don't want to do. But eh, Minecraft is not for me when it comes to being a creative sandbox.

    I always come back to Minecraft. There is always at least two weeks a year where I'll play it.

    I played it for a weekend pretty solid.

    I made a pretty decent hill top castle.
    Then extended it to another small hill through some trees.
    Dug out around it and made a sheer cliff face on one side, pretty cool.
    Then I started another hill top fortress, although much bigger and grander.
    I then built a small bridge between it and a neighbouring hill, making it seem like it was across a chasm.
    I moved onto another fortress which was to be perched on top of a precarious pointy hill.
    It took ages to excavate around it and get the necessary blocks (and also to make it look more like one of the evil castles perched waaaay up on top of a sliver of a mountain).
    Once that was done i was pretty content.

    Haven't played it since and don't really have any desire too, think i must have just got it out of my system.

    My 11 daughter plays in either creative or survival mode all the time, she is constantly asking me to get on her computer and play (my laptop is basic and doesn't support games) but like a lot of people I am time poor and have too many console games I have yet to complete their stories. One day, maybe.

    Have a Tekkit server and absolutely love it play with my Nephew and a Mate
    they are more miners/resource gatherers and i am the architect as i love tinkering with red stone switches a stuff like that so i end up with a draw bridge under lava that pops up when i want it to and the times back down

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