Watch Dogs' Insane PC Specifications Won't Be Quite So Crazy

A few days ago, the system requirements for Ubisoft's upcoming Watch Dogs popped up on uPlay. The recommended hardware was interesting, to put it mildly, demanding players have an eight-core CPU to enjoy the game on moderate settings. Before you have a heart attack, the specs have since been removed and a developer on the title has stated that "official configs" will be "lower".

The uPlay-posted specs can be seen in full over at NeoGAF, though you should consider them nothing more than a long-forgotten nightmare. MCV UK's Ben Parfitt spotted the below tweet from Watch Dogs' graphics technical director Sebastien Viard, reassuring the world that PC gamers won't need monster machines to enjoy the game.

Oh, yeah, it's in French. Here's the translation:

"Hello. It is not the official configs. The real specs will come out soon and will be lower than these :)"

He doesn't mention how much lower they'll be — the NeoGAF post mentions a 64-bit OS will be required, I'll be curious to see if it stays that way.

Watch Dogs dev dismisses controversial PC game specs [MCV UK]


    Why the hell would they do that anyway...

      Could be internal measurements for the unoptimised code.

      Once they optimise it, it should run better on lower settings.

    Ahhh, having just built a new PC, seeing those Ultra specs and knowing I can beat them, I'm happy now. Ahead of the next-gen curve.

    My PC is 3-4years old and I just about match the ultra the specs. My rig only cost me $1700 at the time so you could probably build it now for under $1k. I don't see any crazy specs here.

      This. I was expecting something totally over the top where it would recommend a GPU like the Titan or 780 or the AMD equivalent..

    Regardless of the specs, it's an Ubisoft title... so it's going to run like a dog with broken legs and have a wide array of problems anyway.


      Hate poorly optimised games. Doesn't even have to be a port (though GTAIV was bad). NS2 and Chivalry are terrible examples of poor optimisation IMO.

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