Infamous: Second Son Is Coming In March 2014

At Sony’s PS4 press event, Sucker Punch unveiled this new trailer for their open-world superhero game Infamous: Second Son, and announced that it’ll be out on March 21, 2014. In other news, I am psyched for this game.


  • so now i know when i’m getting my ps4 🙂

    however, not enjoying female singer for heart shaped box…

    • Agreed, that’s when I too am planning to get a ps4 or at first price drop……….i decided on the Xbox one first as I liked the line up better

    • Should’ve gone with the Nirvana version… something just seems ‘off’ about this version? Trailer looks AMAZING though.

  • I would’ve thought this looked alright but using a Nirvana song to sell your shit game? JUST DON’T DO IT. Especially a bad cover version. Where’s the awareness of taste? “Ohhh yeah Nirvana are so angtsy and edgy and make a perfect fit with our douche angsty protaginist” Fuck that, just fuck that.

    • The game is set in Seattle. The developer is based in Seattle. Give them a break, what do you want them to use? Michael Bubble?

    • Yeah man, we can never use any semi-popular grunge from the nineties in any fashion ever again. And shit game? really?

    • Im guessing you never grew up during that period of time. I did, completely got Nirvana and the music spoke to a lot of people, made them feel like someone understood the feeling of being lost, alone and for lack of a better word, hopeless. Cobain was severely pro-womens rights, anti domestic violence, (pro drugs… of course he was), so his songs were pretty often filled with fairly poignant lyrics if you could be bothered looking into them.

      But hey, I guess it’s a case of horses for courses right? It would’ve been better off with the real version for sure. But if you’re of a more recent generation, things such as LMFAO, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and such have a whole lot more to say in their music…

      For me, Nirvana weren’t ‘angsty’, angsty is little fucking emo boys and girls of the modern age. Nirvana represented an entire generation of kids who arrived just after the selfish 80s, who didn’t know their place in the world, had to grow up in a world where they were looked down upon, or felt like it, and when they finally had a band come out and say ‘Fuck off we don’t want this any more’, we embraced it.

      Angsty to you, but not to others.

      • I’m 31, so well within the generation raised on Nirvana.

        I’m not sure my perspective was conveyed too accurately – what I’m saying is that I find it in bad taste to use bands like Nirvana’s songs for video game commercials, not because they’re bad but because they’re very good and the nature of their lyrics and approach just don’t fit with games designed to appeal to bros who like violence. It’s just… Kurt Cobain would never have allowed it, if he could’ve prevented such things. I don’t wanna call Nirvana the holy grail because they aren’t, but I just strongly believe their music shouldn’t be used for ads, let alone an ad for a game featuring some dude killing people and shooting things with fireballs from his hands. Couple that with a godawful cover version and you have me seething. It completely lacks a sense of cultural awareness and taste, in my opinion, what they’ve done.

        Angst – they’re most definitely angst. ‘Fuck off we don’t want this any more’ is angst, FYI. Not a hell of a lot of difference between emo and grunge in terms of lyrical content, only Nirvana did it in a much more poetic way. Pretty sure everyone I know would label it angsty. Not too many flowers and peace symbols in there

  • His lips move out and down, but it doesnt look like they have the pursing right… talking character still look un-natural.

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