Warhammer Quest On iOS Is $0.99 This Weekend

Warhammer Quest, the reasonably faithful iOS reproduction of Games Workshop's often brutal board game, is currently on sale for a mere $0.99, down from its usual $5.49 price. If you've been eager to play it, now is an excellent time to drop some coin (well, a coin) on it.

As Touch Arcade's Jared Nelson notes, this is the first time developer Rodeo Games has discounted the title — and it's a heavy discount at that. Not that it's a big deal for Rodeo on the financial front, as the game's seen a number of purchasable expansions added since release, both in campaign and character form. More than enough to justify the sale.

It might get a little repetitive after a while, but if you like your strategic dungeon-crawlers (if that's even a genre), Warhammer Quest is about as good as it gets on iOS.

Warhammer Quest [App Store, via Touch Arcade]


    It gets super thin on the tactical side and your characters can become super overpowered but it's fun if you liked Hero Quest back in the day.

      This. Okay value at $5,49. Great value at $0.99 - awesome timewaster.

        Oh yeah, I don't regret my $5.49 purchase. At $0.99 it's definitely worth a purchase.

    I demand a WP8 port - stat! Love this and Hero Quest.

      you'll be waiting a while, they haven't even announced an Android version. I believe the company that makes it only does iOS games. For some stupid reason.

        If you could only see my sad face. It's even sadder than the face I make when I get told my friend left hero/warhammer quest at his place.

        That's a 2 hour drive away.

    I don't get developers or licenses that only build to iOS. Do they not read their industry news?

    ie: Android holds an 80% share of of the global smartphone market!

    I started playing it, but man it's so damned obtuse. I couldn't even find the inventory/stats etc until I accidentally left the rotation lock off for a different reason and then it came into view when the phone was in portrait. If the lock remained on then I never would have found it! WTF! Terrible, terrible interface design.

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