Bulletstorm Vanishes From Steam… Where Did It Go?

Bulletstorm Vanishes From Steam… Where Did It Go?

Games don’t often disappear from Steam without good reasonor the fiery hatred of thousands of angry gamers. Yet People Can Fly’s Bulletstorm has ducked off the store with no fanfare, leaving us to wonder what might have prompted its disappearance. Or not.

Bulletstorm is one of a number of games that make use of the soon to be closed Games for Windows Live service, which has spent most of its lifetime despised by the gaming community.

As SlashGear’s Chris Burns highlights, both BioShock 2 and Fallout 3 have replaced GfWL with Steamworks, so it’s safe to assume the same thing is happening with People Can Fly’s shooter. Unfortunately, no timeline has been provided by Steam or the developer, so it’s anyone’s guess as to when it’ll return.

For the curious, a cached version of the Steam page can still be viewed via Google.

Bulletstorm [Steam, via SlashGear]


  • i doubt it will get replaced with Steamworks as its an EA own game, thus will likely be forced to use origin

  • Fallout 3?? I think you mean Arkham Asylum there. Would gladly buy a Steamworks F3.

    • Fallout 3 can already be used without GFWL, so I don’t think we are gonna see a Steamworked F3 sadly.

      And on the topic of a Steamworks conversion for Bulletstorm, I highly doubt it. Already a number of GFWL games have been pulled from Steam with no mention of them coming back with Steamworks in tow.

    • Hate to break it to ya, but Capcom said they aren’t gonna patch GFWL out of any of their current games, save for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. They’re going to use Steamworks for all future titles though.

  • Sooo…can I still play it? Not that I do anymore but I’ll be angry if I can’t if I want to again maybe someday!!

    • You should still be able to install it – it’ll still be in your library if you bought it. The problem MAY be that it won’t play properly thanks to the death of GFWL, but I don’t know about that yet.

      • Exactly this. I can install it, though haven’t tried playing it yet, without the GFWL.
        Curiously, I noticed that Microsoft Flight has also disappeared from my library and is down at the bottom as a Purchasable game, though clicking on the Purchase button simply returns you to the front page of Steam.

        Games have disappeared from Steam before – Breach is one example I can think of – it’s still in my library, but there is no store page, and I’d dare say there are no servers running for the game anymore.

    • Yeah, a really great game to just relax and go ape-shit in. Two opposites, I know, but it’s a seriously fun game.

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