Some First-Class E3 Trolling Happening Right Here

Some First-Class E3 Trolling Happening Right Here

Pity the readers who don’t know that comics writer Gail Simone loves to poke at the weak spots of devoted fan communities. Their heads have probably exploded now.

Simone’s a longtime veteran who’s writing, among other things, the Tomb Raider comic-book series that connects last year’s hit game to its just announced sequel. She also loves trolling comics fans on Twitter. Seriously, go back through her timeline and see her joke about how boring Cyclops is or how she just doesn’t get why people like characters like Batman or Boba Fett. If you didn’t know she’s kidding, her words would be enough to create megaton explosions amongst X-Men, Batman or Star Wars lovers.

So, on the first day of E3, the games-loving writer let loose a bunch of tweets snarking at made-up announcements from interactive industry movers and shakers. There’s good stuff in there:

Kevin Federline… man, I’m having all kinds of Teen People flashbacks over here. Not cool, Gail Simone. Not cool at all.


  • Ummm okay….. Her tweets aren’t funny and this is a bad article with a misleading title.

    • i know right. it’s like naming every article “MINDBLOWING” or “EXTREME”.. like doritos.. EXTREME CHEDDARRRRRR!!

  • Disney buying Capcom?

    Well, maybe they might actually use those dozens of dead franchises.

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