Grand Theft Auto's Version Of Hide And Seek Looks Like Fun

It's also 100% more 'stabby' than the version you might remember.

The rules appear to be simple. You head to the Grand Theft Auto V hedge maze and you stay there. You can't leave. One select player is given the task of hunting down players, the rest have to hide. You are 'caught' when you are unlucky enough to get a goddamn knife lodged in your ribcage.

If you get stabbed, you are now obliged to hunt down the remaining players until no-one is left.

It's called 'Murder Maze Hide And Seek'.

For some reason I've never been able to motivate myself to play Grand Theft Auto Online. I love the series, but have always seen it as a single player experience. Funny how an online, digital (albeit hilariously violent) version of a children's game has come closest to convincing me to check it out!


    GTA Online is finished. There are only about 3000 players on at any time on the xbox version- there are no official numbers shown by Rockstar- but that just adds to the 'unknown proof'. We can all tell that there is hardly anyone on by the huge decline we've seen in mission lobbies, and the increasing amount of non-full lobbies you encounter by lobby switching.

    I believe there are more players on PS3 however, I would say 3 or 4 times as many, but yes GTA Online is dieing because the GTA V world is just not that good, including the music, and Rockstar keep taking away features and locking the game down while adding random bugs.

    It's exactly as stabby as the version I remember.

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