This Is Exactly The Kind Of Game I Want To Play On Oculus Rift

It's called Pollen and it's a first person exploration game. It looks glorious.

Because here's the deal: the Oculus Rift is an incredible piece of kit. I found that when I was slowly exploring detailed environments I was having an amazingly unique experience unlike anything I had ever seen before. But when it started getting a bit twitchy, or was shoehorned into existing game experiences? That's when things started getting a bit vomitey. That's when I began to feel myself being dragged out of the experience.

Pollen is different. Pollen is a game designed specifically for the Oculus Rift and it looks like it focuses on exploration. It's set in a science fiction universe that I'm absolutely itching to step into.

More than anything else I've seen so far, this is inspiring me to pick up one of those new Oculus Rift development kits they're selling on the site.

You can find out more about the game here.


    I've had this discussion WAY too many times with my friends about trailers not actually showing you anything. I'VE CRACKED... from now on I'm going to call these concept trailers.

    "Hey, did you see all those cool trailers at E3"
    "Yep, 9 concept trailers and 1 real trailer"

    Any day now my DK2 Kit is shipping, can't wait!

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