This Week In Games: The Actual Last Of Us For Real

This week is the last week of July and thank the good lord. That was easily, easily the most sparse month of video game releases I can ever remember. This week heralds the only major release of the month, and even that's a re-release. Man, what a rubbish month.

Eidolon (PC)

What is it? A first-person exploration game. You travel across a strange region and discover its secrets. Should you care? It looks really otherworldly and interesting, but... ever-so-slightly pretentious.

Firefall (PC)

What is it? It's a free-to-play MMO shooter set in an open world. Should you care? Sounds interesting enough. I don't see myself ever playing this. Your mileage may vary. Looks well made, but not exemplary.

Lovely Planet (PC)

What is it? A first person shooter 'ballet' that needs to be seen in motion to be believed. The art is bananas. It looks weird and gorgeous. Should you care? Yes. You should definitely be investigating this at least. Trippy as all balls.

Mount Your Friends (PC)

What is it? A QWOP-esque indie-sports game about piling lumps of human flesh atop each other, amongst other things. Should you care? I think this looks like fun. Not sure about paying money for it though! Not sure if the polish is quite there.

Pineview Drive (PC)

What is it? Apparently this is a horror game that reacts to your fear. I have no idea how this works. I'm guessing it must react to your in-game movement. Should you care? Super interesting concept. I don't know enough about the execution to judge. I'd be waiting for reviews of this one.

Residue (PC)

What is it? No idea how to describe this in a short sentence. The developers describe it as a 'family drama' set in dead ships in a former sea in Uzbekistan. It sounds quite fascinating. Should you care? It's made by the folks behind They Breathe, which made a pretty sizeable impact. I think this looks really promising.

The Last Of Us (PS4)

What is it? It's the hi-res, super duper version of the PlayStation 3 classic. Should you care? I honestly don't feel like I need to play this game again. Am I alone here?

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (PC)

What is it? A super massive, super detailed JRPG Should you care? Some people live for JRPGs. I suspect you'd have to be one of them to invest the time required for this one.

The Room (PC)

What is it? An adventure game originally released on mobile devices, rebuilt for PC. Should you care? This looks polished, eerie, and really interesting. I'm in.

Anyone buying anything this week? Let us know in the comments.


    Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds is coming to Vita this week as well. Hopefully that includes Australia. There's been a few EU releases lately where we get gypped because of either our rating system or the cost of getting things rated.

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    No links for the games?

    RE: The Last of Us Replay - I'm kinda with you, Serrels. I'm still trying to suffer my way through a Survivor+ play through on PS3, so doing another two runs of the story isn't really that appealing. However, TLOU multiplayer still remains some of the best gaming I've experienced on a console, and I'd be interested to give it another bash ... though I'm inherently a tight-ass, and probably won't buy it until it drops in price ... ironically when the multiplayer community all but dies off.

      I've played the SP at least 3 times. I'll play again, but in a couple of years I think. I don't want to kill it by constantly retreading the same ground. Especially if it's literally exactly the same game, in hindsight it could've done with a LOT more zombie areas.

      The remastered verson has all difficulty settings unlocked from the get go.

        Sorry - I meant for the trophies. I'd still have to do a Survivor, THEN a Survivor Plus play through to get them all again. :/

    Will be getting Legend of Heroes for sure.

    I'm sure The Last of Us will be free on PS+ some day. Even if it's a few years from now, I can wait. Haven't had a great urge to play through it a second time.

      If you haven't played it on PSP you are in for a treat. Nice story, great relationships between the characters, lots of feels, and in my opinion one of the most emotional and awesome theme songs ever (especially after you experience the ending).

    If TLOU was 50 dollars I'd consider it. But at 80 - 90 dollars... no. Not a chance. Not at all.

      It is, at DSE.

        Isn't that only if you put 10 bucks down?

          Yep. So it's $59 during promo period. Put $10 down for pre-order, and their "put $10 down, get $10 off" deal makes the total cost $49.

        60 bucks at DSE, still feels a little too exy to be honest, especially for a game that's remade. I dunno, 50 feels like the right price. I'll just wait.

          It IS $50. $49.95 total. See above. Put $10 down, pay $39.95 when you pick it up.

            Ah well, it'll be 60 by the time I can go in. Have Uni over the next two days unfortunately and can't get in to a DSE. I'll just wait, it'll go down in price soonish. No biggie.


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              AFAIK the $60 is their promo period price and usually lasts 2 weeks. It'll go up to maybe $70 after that. :(

                Bugger, looks like I won't be getting it for a while then. I just can't justify that sort of money on:

                a.) A prettied up last gen game.
                b.) A prettied up last gen game I've already finished.
                c.) A prettied up last gen game I've already finished that has limited replay value.
                d.) A prettied up last gen game I've already finished that has limited replay value that's substantially overpriced.

                You get the idea lol. I loved the game, I really did. I just, yeah...

                  Pre ordered from Dick Smith its $49...

                  though i too couldn have justified the purchase had i finished it already...

                  @zetrox2k We already established the preordering price dude with all respect. I then said I can't get there early to preorder it.

              There was simply no winning you over to begin with. :P

                Of course there would be had it been priced appropriately. A preorder bonus is nice and all, but an *actual* decent price on the game, especially a last gen game, would be much better.

      I think it's $62 or $63 for the digital version on the PS store.

        Yowza. Ergh digital prices that aren't on steam... even then SOME steam prices (Dark Souls 2 you disgusting prick...)

          Compared to the $89 the sign at JB was advertising, $63 on PSN is a pretty good deal. Especially considering PSN / XBL prices are normally higher than physical copies.

          Personally, I've already finished it 3 times, though, so I'll be waiting for it to get cheaper before taking the plunge again.

            Yeah I've been through twice. Had I not, it might be a different story. Or an open world game like GTA V where the game gives me a lot of replay value, or the open world multiplayer aspect. But yeah, I'll eventually dive in, when its a bit cheaper in price.

    On the plus side, it gives me a great chance to catch up on some TV series!
    ...and clear my backlog of Steam shame

    Yeeee, The Last of Us! I never picked it up on PS3 (becuase it never dropped below $45), so I'm just picking it up for $50 on PS4 instead. :D Pretty pumped, I might try to finish it in a couple days to a week (Like Tomb Raider).

      For me it was one of those games where I wanted it to last for ever but I couldn't stop playing. So beautiful, in every sense.

      I envy people who have not yet played it. Although I loved all 3 of my plays through it, I'd love to be able to wipe it from my memory so I could experience it for the first time again.

      It is a truly great game.

    I'm buying The Last of Us again and I honestly can't wait. I loved it on PS3, but never bought the DLC, so now, I get to play through again plus get the additional content.

    Argh. I wish this was being released two weeks from now. I'm pretty eager for The Last of Us on PS4 but I'm sort of stressing about games lately. For some reason all weekend I've felt like I should be playing something else.
    I log into DC Universe Online and I feel like I should be playing Destiny. I load up Destiny and I feel like I should be playing Monster Hunter 3. I load up Monster Hunter 3 and I feel like I should be playing Starcraft II. I load up Starcraft II and I feel like I should be playing Civ5. That goes on through about 15 games.

    I'll be getting TLoU again at some point, last time my chunky ass PS3 couldn't handle the game so now I'll actually be able to finish it

      Yeah, I suspect that Sony allowed TLOU and GTA5 (as examples) to bypass the dev thresholds on temperature and fan speed. I've heard that those games turn the consoles into vacuum's, when that's not the case with any other game previously!

        I think you're correct but only for the phat systems. I didn't hear of any issues with the slim models but lots for the older ones, especially the original 60/40gb models, which mine was.

          I had GTA5 on the PS3 slim (not super slim) and it was the most loud game I've played on it.

            Oh well yeah, they definitely push the consoles hard, but I haven't heard of many serious console breaking issues from the newer ones.

      It broke the disc drive on my PS3 too. Could have been a coincidence but fifteen minutes into it it died.

        Mine would just shut down from over heating

    Love both TLoU and No-one Left Behind. I wish for an expectation-defying sequel some day, but in its absence I'm still getting the odd replay pang drawn back to spend time with those characters in that world. I'll happily make my next journey in hi-res.

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    Last of Us:

    You're forgetting that many of us didnt actually buy the PS3 version, due to the PS4 being just around the corner. I stopped buying PS3 games back in April 2013 as I knew the moment i got my PS4, i would never turn my PS3 back on to enjoy the games. Whilst TLOU was tempting, t was guaranteed that it would see a ps4 release in the first 12 months.

    Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky:

    This game is amazing....i dont know how else to explain it... Solely justified my PSP purchase...

      Some of us never got the PS3 version, and bought a PS4 when TLOU remastered was announced. I'm not saying I am one of those people, but I'm not denying it either.

      This is going to be the fourth time I've purchased Trails in the Sky and I regret nothing. @markserrels apathy toward it is sad, it's an amazing JRPG that deserves way more praise and attention than it gets. It's also one of the only truly excellent JRPGs on Steam.

        thing is you dont even need to be a JRPG nut to appreciate it. Prior to Trails in the Sky, and Corpse Party, id be lucky to havce spent more than 2 hours on a JRPG... last one i played prior to these was Chrono Trigger... oh god now i want to rebuy them for the vita...

          Surely you still have Corpse Party for the Vita? It was digital-only for PSP...

            lets just say that no money was exchanged in the previoud transaction.... i shall be rectifying that next week...

          My only concern about getting Trails In The Sky (hereafter referred to as "TITS") is that I recall a review I read saying it was part of a trilogy. Are there English versions of the others in the series? Or does this at least stand alone ok without them?

            Indeed, Sora no Kiseki / Trails in the Sky is part of a 'trilogy'. More importantly, the first part ends on a bit of a cliffhanger that really leaves you wanting the next one. However all the plot is resolved Second Chapter, and Trails in the Sky 3rd is more of a continuation than the third part of a trilogy.

            They're enormous games and TitS SC is the biggest of them all - roughly double the amount of text that the first chapter had. They're expensive to localize so XSEED has them on the back burner while they keep afloat with easier stuff, and they've outsourced the translation of SC to Carpe Fulgur. Getting the games onto Steam is part of that plan, they're hoping that by releasing PC versions they do much better than the PSP releases did, and thus give them the extra cash to put more work into the rest.

            SC should be released in late 2014 or early 2015, Steam and PSP. However if it comes out, 3rd will probably be Steam-only. I think once SC gets done, 3rd will be less work since it's much smaller and getting all the contracts and so on in place will be easier too, plus the hard work in porting the engine for Steam is already done.

            While there's lots of Legend of Heroes games (the series began in 1986) they are like Final Fantasy in that they're self-contained. Trails in the Sky is Legend of Heroes VI and with it Falcom basically created a new setting and sub-franchise, the Trails/Kiseki games. There's currently six Trails games (Trails in the Sky trilogy, Trails of Zero, Trails of Blue, Trails in the Flash) with a seventh (Trails in the Flash II) about to release, and Trails in the Sky is the starting point for all of them. Three main story arcs so far, each arc spread over multiple games and focused around a different set of characters in a different part of the world, and the stories overlap a bit but you could probably do each arc separately.

        also i ended up buying this edition:

    I believe Ninjago, Sorcery Saga and Hometown Story are surfacing in Australia this week as well, the latter two might be stickered grey imports, just wait and see I guess.

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    I have already preordered The Last of Us digitally. I have played it through 7 times. I will crush this game many times over.

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    Yeah Man, like seriously Bro. Insane.

    Hmm...I might trade in my PS3 copy of TLOU and get the PS4 copy....I finished the story and once I heard there was going to be a PS4 version of it...I didn't bother getting the

    I'm with you @markserrels, whilst I absolutely loved The last of Us, I don't feel I need to play it again...just yet anyway. Maybe down the track and also when it's a lot cheaper.

    8 playthroughs of TLoU, 6 of which were 100%, and I'm pretty happy to have incentive (trophies) to do it again, that and Left Behind is still new to me.

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    @markserrels: You left out one of the cooler looking Steam indie games releasing this week: Crypt of the NecroDancer. It's a roguelike rhythm game, where you explore and fight in a dungeon by hitting buttons in time with the beat. Designed to be playable with a USB dance pad.

    Re The Last of Us, I feel I don't have to buy it again, but will happily play it again

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