What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend? I’m guessing it’s going to be all Broforce and Swing Copters for me because I still haven’t taken my consoles out of storage and moved into my new house yet. That happens over the following couple of days. Hallelujah.

What are you guys playing this week? Not a lot of new games were released this week. I thought we’d seen a bit of a drought break, but with the exception of Destiny, things don’t really get kicking in terms of AAA releases until October.

But I’ve been enjoying this extended break in a way. It’s allowed me to play a couple of different games, try some new stuff here and there and return to some of the games I’d missed out on first time around. Sometimes, for me at least, it’s good to have the pressure valve of having to play all the latest releases switched off for a while.

So what are you playing? Let us know in the comments below.


    Mixing it up with the usual spell on Rock Band 3 and continuing with Tales of Xilliq 2. I know it's more of the same -down to reused assets and everything - but the sense of familiarity is kinda pleasing.

      Xillia 2 worth buying if I've played Xillia 1?

        I'm going to give the Half Life three death match alpha module another play tonight.
        It's a little buggy but seems to be pretty playable, looks like they are putting another update in this arvo for more textures.

        old link was a htts:// one so I made it easier to remember


        To an extent. If you're not fussed about the story, then absolutely just g for Xillia 2. The battle system is Mich more refined.

        If you do care, however, get Xillia 1 first. While Xillia 2 gives you little quips about what happened in the last game, I don't think it's explained well enough in order for most to fully understand.

        Put it this way, thopugh:; both games are fantastic nonetheless.

    Jojo's Bizarre adventure all stars. And if it downloads, the undead nightmare Red dead game.
    I kinda want to get hyperdimension neptunia OR Sword Art Online for vita, but i don't know which one...

      You will like Undead Nightmare if you havent played it before. It was one of the first games to actually make me jump.

        is there free roam like in the main game?

          Ahhhh yeah from memory but its been a long time since I played it.

          But trust me - it has the @spence seal of ultimate approval.

    Heroes of the Storm Alpha, and getting back into some SC2. I'm really just waiting for Smash Bros.

    Probably finish Black Flag - finally - and count down the days until I get my PS4, Destiny and LOU remastered on the 15th :)

    The game where I am getting back into Warhammer 40K after a decade hiatus!

    (Also probably more Hotline Miami on PS4)

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    I'm working on killing Yama in Spelunky. Got to him for the first time yesterday. It went poorly.

    I'll also probably try and work through the campaign in the Android version of Suburbia. That's right board game peoples, I finally have a copy of Suburbia. Sure, it's on my phone but it's something. Mostly it's just damned hard. $4 from the Amazon App Store, if anyone is wondering. Ignore the bit about being tablet only, it works fine on a Galaxy S4.

    Continue Infamous: Second Son and make a start on Killzone Shadow Fall on the ps4, maybe some Wolfenstein or Peggle on the xbone.

    Not real sure at the moment, bought a bunch of new games, so I might see if my laptop can handle Grid: Autosport, maybe some Plague Inc., definitely The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2, and maybe some Diablo 3 on Xbone if I decide to pick up a copy.

    i have expendabros, so i want broforce. got sid meiers alpha centauri and enemy engaged commanche vs hokum from GOG so thats gonna be my weekend

    Diablo 3 on Xbone. Finished on normal, have just started it on hard.

    Three day weekend for me! So I might get in to some Darksiders, Dragon Age:Origins and will be binge watching the final season of True Blood! Woo!

    My answer hasn't really changed since last weekend. Although I have a Warmachine tournament this weekend.

    New Episode of The Walking Dead, and getting Star Citizen going in the DK2.

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    Finish AC4 (kept getting side-tracked, and I'm on the last sequence, so may as well get it over with). Then, Walking Dead S2 marathon (well, eps 3-5), more Dark Souls Crown of the Iron King (loving the level design, less so the invaders), more Rocksmith (just unlocked Crimson's Don't Stop, which is catchy, and the slide-lick is slowly getting easier... though I can't feel my left ring finger's tip today after playing it last night). Two weekends until Destiny, so I want to actually knock some games off my list...

    Finished The Last of Us on PS4 (loved it just as much the second time around) now I'm stuck into Left Behind and loving it too. I should get that finished this weekend, then I want to dive into the multiplayer some more.

    Replaying Dragonball Z: Raging Blast as I am watching Dragonball Z Kai.

    Upto the Freiza saga. Clearly the best of the 4.

    DC Universe Online, and possibly some Fallout 3. Just installed a bunch of mods to make it a bit more interesting :-)

    Continuing belting D3 on PC with friends, courtesy of 2.1.0 - loving it. Will probably get some D3 on PS4 with other mates at some point too. It's all coming up D3 lately, and I'm not even remotely perturbed by that fact.

    Yes I play both, and enjoy both for entirely different reasons.

    Picking up my new rig this afternoon, so TLoUR while Windows installs then Metro reduxes

    Finished walking dead season 2 last night and while kinda annoying in some bits and some weirdness damn it was a good. So will be playing heroes and generals with a mate and more trails in the sky.

    I'll be finishing off "Stick it to the Man", which I'm really loving. Funny, well written, reminds me of classic Lucas games.

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