Despite Rumours, Grand Theft Auto V’s PC Version Not Canceled

Despite Rumours, Grand Theft Auto V’s PC Version Not Canceled

Late last week word began to circulate that the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V was in big trouble because “Rockstar never wanted to release a PC version.” This led irate fans to, among other things, hack a marketing firm’s website. Rockstar, however, says our precious PC version is safe and sound.

The original report came from a publication called Fox Weekly, which sourced a marketing firm called Rantic that apparently worked with Rockstar North in some capacity. “The next-gen console launch dates are still intact, but the PC game launch has been agitating for Rockstar staff,” said one of their reps.

He believed the game could soon be canceled due to these “corporate concerns.”

Recently, however, Rockstar piped up on its support channel to let people know that nobody’s hijacking their hopes and dreams. A support team member explained:

“I’m also looking forward to the PC release, however this release date has not changed. Please see our support article, Grand Theft Auto V Release Date on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC for the most recent information on this topic.”

The article in question lists a “fall 2014” release for all three versions.

Granted, Rockstar has played this one weirdly close to the chest, given that fall is about turn leaves into warm rainbows and magically make hot cider taste 100 times better. We’ve still yet to see anything of the current-gen/PC version of GTA V, but that doesn’t necessarily signal a delay or anything. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see (or not see).

For now Rockstar’s sticking to its “fall 2014” date, so that’s that. The PC version is safe, folks. You can stop hacking marketing firms now.


      • But you have to spend like $2000 each month to get the latest stuff and the only way to play a FPS is with a controller. Also it’s easier to insult someone’s biological female elder on consoles

        It’s been so long since I even glanced at a ‘console vs master race’ argument I don’t even know what they say anymore

        I’ll get it when it’s in a Steam sale and I know it doesn’t lag like hell. Also my graphics card isn’t as great as it should be right now so it’d still look like the PS3 version

          • Hay you guise… you makin’ fun like that might make people think that your choice of platform doesn’t give scientifically proven indicators of objective superiority. 🙁
            How else will I feel good about my inconsequential choices in life if I can’t lord them over someone else?

          • Surely the fact that your GPU alone cost more than a console peasant’s entire system has to make you feel good

          • Nonsense, we all know your PC is outdated and requires upgrades from the time you start installing a game to the time you finish it.

        • Rumour is that NVidia is about to launch the GTX9x series of cards and the usual outcome from an announcement of a new series is a notable price cut in the current range. It might be worth keeping an eye on pccasegear and occasionally check the prices of the GTX770, it’s a good solid card that’s run everything I’ve thrown at it on ultra settings.

          • Wow! Genuinely thought you made a typo. Sorry. That is strange indeed. Hopefully the 970 is the best then. I run 770’s now, and performance vs. money….. They are beastly!!

          • Yeah it’s kind of mad, even after reading a few articles explaining why I still don’t understand why so I’m sticking with “Reasons”.

            The only thing I can think of that can even vaguely make sense is that the current best version of the Radeons is the R9 series and NVidia want something starting with a 9 so it doesn’t sound like they’re 1 lower (It’s basically Spinal Tap in reverse) but realistically anyone who has enough savvy to buy video cards separately is hopefully not going to be dumb enough to be fooled into thinking lower sounding model number automatically means an inferior card or they’re probably also going to be dumb enough to be trying to install the video card into a USB port using a mallet…

  • It’s still the same release date? I’m positive I saw somewhere (here, somewhere, I think) February as the new release date…

  • Since building PCs and installing games is now easier than putting together a taco, the master race has even more free time to get hot under the collar about anything and everything.

  • I must be out of the loop when the first I hear of these rumours is this bulletin indicating there were rumours.

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