Diablo III’s Endgame Dungeons Can Be Disappointingly Empty

Greater Rifts in Diablo III are unforgiving sometimes — not because they’re hard, but because you have 15 minutes to kill a huge amount of monsters, even if the dungeon doesn’t actually have that many of them. YouTuber avtorouc entered one of these dungeons where the monster density was, well, quite low.

He was lucky it wasn’t a huge, linear cave.

Diablo 3 – Near empty Greater Rift level [YouTube]


  • Every day i see so many of these, its areal pain in the arse, you literally cannot complete it because there isn’t enough mobs.

      • yeah was in a 27 last night, time is only 5 mins in, over half way completed, next level 1 elite pack for the entire level, and bugger all trash, timer catches up and we fail…. stilll had to navigate through 2 more levels of nothing before we could even fight the boss.

        Too alleviate these density issues i have stead charge to run off from the group and fine mobs so that we can actually progress, sometimes im booking it for ages before we find any.

      • I was a little miffed last night. We had a decent group with the opportunity to roll for a gr37 key….they didn’t take it and wanted gem instead.


  • I was actually hoping the Rift of Trials was an actual continuous mode rather than just an initial short timed event to get a key for Greater Rifts. They really should add something like a Survival/Wave type mode for those wanting a risk/reward experience by seeing how far they can go with each wave getting higher level with tougher enemies.

    • that would be a pretty mad idea, a non-stop horde mode that just keeps throwing enemies at you until u die, then that ends the rift. hehehe

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