$US10 Gets You All The Far Cry Games

$US10 Gets You All The Far Cry Games

You’re already bracing your finances for the incoming Christmas season and all the discounts, sales and bundles it entails, but trust me, you’re not prepared. Take this irresistible temptation in the form of all the Far Crys from Ubisoft, which may be licking its wounds from the disastrous release of Unity, but is still prepared to package up one of its more popular franchises and offer it for next to nothing. Well, next to $US10.

For this reasonable sum, you’ll have the following games added to your Steam account:

Far Cry Far Cry 2: Fortune’s Edition Far Cry 3 Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon Far Cry 3 Deluxe Bundle DLC

With the exception of the unreleased Far Cry 4, that’s all your bases covered and should put you in exactly the right headspace for the next instalment in the series. The deal itself is open for the weekend, which likely means late Monday-ish for Australians.

Far Cry Franchise Pack [Steam, via OzBargain]


  • I’m not a FPS sort of gamer but I did play Far Cry 3 months ago and it was simply awesome! I would look forward to playing afterwork each day and smashed it out in no time.

  • I already have FC3 and Blood Dragon so since this bundle doesn’t have Far Cry 4 (So it is NOT the whole franchise) then I see no point in buying it

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