Counter-Strike Instructional Maps Are Works Of Art

Counter-Strike Instructional Maps Are Works Of Art

Here’s a really cool new perspective on DustII (or de_dust2), one of the most popular maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. NinjaFish on Tumblr chopped up and transformed the multiplayer map from 3D to 2.5D and labelled each part their respective names.

This is something I’d decorate my wall with, and it’s also helpful if you’re new to the game and want to memorise all the location names quickly.

If you’d like to print them out, you can find all the pieces in higher resolution here.

Isometric Dust II Locations by VintageNinjaFish [Tumblr, via r/GlobalOffensive]


  • Missing area names of some of the more key areas, where you are more likely to have skirmishes with the other team.

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