Our Picks Of Today's Steam Sales

Again, it's not the best day for Steam sales. I'm starting to think the sales peaked a month ago. But I'm also thinking that because of the curation system, not everything is showing up for me. It seems to be changing as I refresh. But there are a couple I'd definitely recommend. How about you?

I still can't believe they're charging that much for Ruse — it's good and all, but given the gaming landscape... There are much better games going for cheaper. Ah, well. What would you recommend to your fellow Kotakuers?

Mass Effect 2, $4.99USD

It's one that's appeared in the Steam sales over and over, but this is basically one of the best games ever made going for $5. It hasn't aged, it's still brilliant. The deal will expire in 7 hours from now, too. Just try to forget the fact that all your decisions end in a triumvirate of hues.

Risk of Rain, $2.49USD

A cool little roguelike with retro graphics, cheap and cheerful. Many, many items and abilities. It gets hectic pretty quickly, and harder from there.


    Papers, Please is $USD4.99... if you don't have it yet, get on it now.

    Risk of Rain is amazing and so much fun. I have logged 37 hours, almost entirely co-op, and am totally happy to play it again and again. Need it on PS4!

      I have only played it single player so far, but have logged about 36 hours. The replayability is phenomenal, and even more so since they introduced the relics.

      Highly recommended, $2.49 is an absolute bargain for such a gem.

    been playing Risk of Rain since I backed the Kickstarter and always loved the vision of it - like some kooky mashup of Out Of This World's style and Binding of Isaac's upgrade items, only without the redundancies and attack overrides! :)

    Pretty slow start to these sales. Even other sites are average so far.

    Exchange rate not helping.

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      I just think that for whatever reason they don't do as good a sale as they used to. I don't hold any hope for anything but humble bundles any more.

    Was hoping that Stonghold crusader 2 and Sins of a solar empire rebellion would go down to a more modest price.

    Stronghold crusader 2 is like $33 atm on sale which imo is way too much still.

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