What Are You Playing This Weekend

What am I playing? Well, I'm close to being finished with Metroid Prime so there's that. I'm also playing another video game...

But I'm not supposed to talk about that.

So I'm going to talk about Metroid Prime. Playing this game was a goddamn mistake. It's literally ruined me for everything else. I tried playing Ori and the Blind Forest, and it's amazing.

But it's no Metroid Prime.

Tried Playing OlliOlli 2 and, sure, it's good. But it's no Metroid Prime.

Bloody Metroid Prime. Why do you have to make every other game look mediocre?

What are you playing this weekend?


    FFXV Demo!! It also came with some other FF game called Type-0 or sumfin....might give that a go...

      Me too. Have a uni intensive on Saturday but Sat night and Sunday are FFXV all the way

    Got a Warmachine tournament on Sunday. Maybe the meta won't piss me off this time.

    Other than that, finishing a co-op playthrough for Dead Rising 2. Maybe Heists in GTAV. Still addicted to Fire Emblem: Awakening. Raid mode on Resident Evil: Revalaitons.

    Going to get OlliOlliololiollliolollliliollol 2 and give that a crack.

    Gotta get some Xur goodies in Destiny too. Bit of GTAV and thinking should dl new cities game.

      You can tell when someone is a Destiny player: we get all jittery on a friday waiting for 7:00pm to roll around.

      It's pretty decent, after the first 30 mins you get into it. Remembering to press X to land took me a while to get my head around.

    Thinking I'll drop into the Melbourne Monster Hunter event on Saturday.

      damn why dont i live in a cooler place.

    I'll be playing "Pre-order a PlayStation 5 at EB Games"


    Vice City picked it up on PSN for 3 bucks along with a bunch of other classic GTA games, what i'd do for a HD remake of it though...

    Come on Mark, in the time you've been talking about Metroid Prime I've replayed it, finished it, and am now nearly done with Prime 2. Get with it man!

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      Having a family can do that to you. Plus there's another game that I'm sure has been taking up his time...

        Oh come now, did I really need to add my shitstirring smiley face to the end of that dribble? ;)

          Oh I know! Too bad Serrels Jr is still too young for Bloodborne...

    It was gonna be Final Fantasy Type-0, but I can't say I'm enjoying it. The combat is fantastic but everything else falls flat for me, especially the story and characters. If it were a Vita game I'd reconsider, but strangely it's not.

    So, Ori and The Blind Forest it is, then. Maybe I'll finish Gran Turismo 6 while I'm at it.

      It looks so shit on PS4. Do it remote play.

        Xbox One. Don't have a PS4 just yet.


          Played last night, many issues with visuals. Fun game though.
          Should have gone straight to Vita.

    Well, I'm joining the Wii U owners club tonight, so probably Mario Kart 8, Wind Waker and Lego City Undercover! WOOHOO!!!

      Lego city is SO great! Glad to see some people are still picking it up.

    Going to finish off Ori and the Blind Forest, and hopefully play enough Cities: Skylines that I'll be able to get it out of my system before Pillars of Eternity on the 26th (yay!).

    I've just started a Devil May Cry marathon (All 5 games) in the time before Awakened Fate Ultimatum comes out next week so I'll be playing through those this weekend. Outside of that I'll be playing Oreshika and continuing my NES Megaman marathon (All 6 games).

      Just rush through DMC2 as fast as possible.... Love every other title in the series, yes including the recent DmC reboot.

    So many games to play... ugh. Do I play Ori? Get some more XP on my gear in Destiny while hoping to find a raid? Rock out on Rocksmith? Grind a few levels in the hope of beating that infuriating Majin Buu fight in Xenoverse? See what's new in Elite? Try my hand at starting a new city with what I've learned from my last one in Skylines? What to do...

    And Bloodborne's just around the corner... *hyperventilates*

    Oh, wait, nevermind. I'll be playing the cleaning game. Bloody house inspections...

    Finishing off a replay of The Walking Dead Season 2, and polishing off my platinum run of Beyond Two Souls. Probably Tales of the Borderlands Ch 2 as well. That should see me through until Bloooooooodboooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrne.

    Skyrim again. I started playing it again the other week, and started a new character with a different play style to usual. (2-handed berserker style).

    I will finally grind out the final trophy for Ratchet & Clank 3 on the PS3 (10 Million Bolts, halfway there), haven't been able to play alot of the home console recently, but I made some headway this week. Might have to do a super late nighter and return to The Order 1886, probably halfway through, so will look at finishing it off.

    Aside from that, the better half is doing alot of stuff this weekend, so not much will happen as I'll be watching the kids.

    Also, loving Flame Over on the Vita also, great fire-fighting roguelike something or other, ridiculously brutal when you are starting out and learning what to do. Also grinding Farming Simulator 14 between work and home, probably about 10-13hrs left to grind.

      How is the PS3 trilogy for Ratchet and Clank? I loved them on PS2, as well as the PS3 titles, so picking up the PS3 trilogy is definitely on my hit list.

        They look and play fine...

        Well the original has aged, mainly because there is no real strafing option, so the controls feel old... but it still plays fine.

    I had a pretty productive weekend last weekend. Finally knocked Last of Us off the pile of shame. Then I finished the last achievements in Ground Zeroes. I even got a little bit of Wind Waker in there. I managed to get almost everything in Dragonball Xenoverse so I was able to unlock my final achievements right before Type-0 was released.
    I think Final Fantasy Type-0 and the FFXV or demo will probably take up some time but I'm not sure if they'll last the weekend.

    Battlefield: Hardline, started playing yesterday, looks really great, and the guns have a nice weighty feel to them. I like the arresting mechanic too.

    - Far Cry 4....maybe, something about this game just not clicking with me and I LOVED FC3
    - Shadow of Mordor.... probable
    - GoT Episode 2... doubtful
    - GTA: O.... definite, oh man I loves me the Heists

    Just got my RGB and VGA video converter hardware all up and running along with a 60Hz mod for my Mega Drive. So I'll be playing through some Sonic 2 this weekend, along with some NBA Jam, Earthworm Jim, Streets of Rage and Toejam and Earl.... can't wait!

    Dying light. Gonna try to stick to a single game until I'm done otherwise I play a few and don't finish any of them. My pile of shame is giving me anxiety issues!

    Still playing Cities Skylines. But also paintball!

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