This Is What A 25 Kill Streak Looks Like With Overwatch's Tracer

Ever since watching the announcement trailer for Blizzard's TF2 clone, I've wanted to know more about how one of its more interesting characters works. Just uploaded today on Overwatch's Youtube channel, we have some raw gameplay from the Scout *ahem* I mean Tracer.

In addition to showing the Tracer, it shows what it's like to play against a Tracer — though the player in the below video doesn't seem to have too much of a problem with the fast-moving assassin.

The "rewind" ability seems to be tied to the forward dash, instead of just independently rewinding anything. There are a few points when the player uses this to dash forward, drop a grenade, and rewind back out. It looks like rewinding out of a dangerous situation you dashed into will be a standard move, and at around 2:30, the player does this while dashing through an enemy shield.

In addition to looking a bit squishy, the Tracer seems to be balanced out by having a criminally low clip size. That said, if you're nabbing the headshots like this player is, it seems like even the big tough enemies don't take too much persuading to go down.


    Looks like playing TF2 Scout on drugs.
    Really enjoying these gameplay previews so far too, still can't wait to try the game

    They really got the, 2 steps short of ADD, personality of Tracer right into the gameplay...

    Overwatch seems like it has an interesting concept but the more I see the more it feels like a "By the numbers" arena FPS. It could just be that it's still early days or that the character videos are staged to demonstrate their abilities more than actual competitive gameplay (Who wants to watch someone die all the time?) but I just don't seem to get why it's not TF2 with more classes at the moment. I want to be proven wrong though.

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