Thought You Had Collected The Mario Amiibo? Now He's Gold And Silver

Australian amiibo collectors will be getting two new versions of Mario, starting at the end of the month.

EB Games has the exclusive on the Silver version, coming out on the 30th of May, while Target has the exclusive on the Gold version, with a to-be-announced release date. Both versions have RRP $17.95.

Both versions will work with all games that use the Mario amiibo.

Which one would you actually want more? Sure, gold is supposed to be better than silver, but don't we all have fond memories of Silver (or, Metal) Mario in Mario 64?

Though, given the mentality of the freespending amiibo enthusiasts I know, their reaction will probably be a bit more like a certain Mexican girl everyone is fond of...


    I initially was going to try and get both and then I lost interest.

    Target's twitter account has said to expect the gold one in late June.

    I've given up on amiibos. They're just too hard to bother with.

      Pre-order at EB. They send you an SMS when it's there. Pick up on way home from work. Easy.

        Except when they don't SMS. Not sure why but they haven't the past two times for me

          Well the release dates are usually pretty publicised, whack it in your calendar.

    Apparently Gold Mario amiibo had some minor perk when you used them in the latest Mario Party. I don't play Mario Party, so I don't really see the need to pick up either the gold or the silver amiibo.

    I still can't believe people actually buy these, they remind me of the free toys you get with kids happy meals.

      Except some are worth $200+ because only a limited number was made. And there hand painted and look awesome and are fun too use..... Hmm nothing like maccas toys come to think of it

    I have 5 amiibos (just bought my favourites), but because I don't own Mario Party or Smash Bros, the only one of real use is Toad for unlocking extra stuff in Captain Toad.

    I'm hoping that Nintendo release some sort of Skylanders type game that makes use of all amiibos in a gameplay changing way.

    Nintendo laughing all the way to the bank...

      Not laughing nearly as hard as the people who resell them on eBay for triple the price!

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