Fallout 4: November 10 This Year

Fallout 4: November 10 This Year

After years of maddening silence, Bethesda has finally given a release date for the highly anticipated Fallout 4: and the date to mark in your calendars is less than five months away!

10 November, 2015: this is the date that the fourth installment of Fallout will land on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Yep, it’s finally happening — and bloody soon!

So what did you guys think of what was just shown of the game? Have at it in the comments!


  • Given this is Australia Kotaku maybe think about putting the image of the date the right way around instead of the daft way the US does it?

    • I think it’s a stock image from Bethesda.

      I agree though, “the Americans are slugheads”.

      • Yeah, that’s what I thought, given it’s the Fallout font. But still, a little image adjusting… 😉

        • But this way we get it on October 11! That’s the way it works, right….

          • Look I’m not gonna lie, part of me when I saw the image was like GASP because I thought I’d misheard the November date because of being at work and everyone’s really chatty here.

            Alas no.

  • I already pre-ordered fallout CE before it was announced – just hope it works out 😛 Can’t wait!

      • EB Games. Do it now if you haven’t already, just stay away from EB Stafford so my copies are safe. Put down $50 pre-order and ask them to update when available

  • called it… so many people i saw were saying it won’t be out this year… i knew it would…

    looks pretty great!

  • Damn i hope to preorder the CE PC edition but i don’t hold out any hope, i can imagine it’ll be a pretty limited release and it’ll sell like hotcakes. 🙁

  • “Hey, America! The rest of the world doesn’t write their dates like that.”
    “The rest of the world. You know – the parts of the world that aren’t America but who will also be waiting to buy your game.”
    “Yeah, there are parts of the world that aren’t America.”

    “Forget it. I guess I’ll just look for it towards the end of spri… sorry, fucking FALL!”

    (Seriously, is there a single American in marketing who actually realises how confusing their game and movie trailers are for the majority of their customers?)

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