Street Fighter Versus Honest Game Trailers: More Fun Than Kicking A Car

Honest Game Trailers usually focuses on a specific game, but in its latest instalment, the Street Fighter franchise as a whole is put on trial. With such a body of work to draw from, there's no shortage of comedy to be found.

Where do you start? Well, HGT begins with Street Fighter's arcade roots and uh, its status as the alternative choice when Mortal Kombat was nixed by your parents.

Then there's the fact that there was a Street Fighter I, though it never reached the cosmic heights of popularity as its successor... or its 454 variants.

Oh, and we get this gag:

It's OK Joke Ryu, someone will take you seriously soon enough.

STREET FIGHTER (Honest Game Trailers) [YouTube]


    These trailers are really hit & miss. I much prefer when they actually like the game or movie & point out some flaws.

    When they review something they dislike it gets a bit uppity & full of jaded internet hate.

    This one's pretty good though :-)

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