There’s A Bit Of System Shock In Card Hunter’s Next Expansion

Card Hunter dropped off our radar for awhile, but the fantasy-themed online board game knows how to recapture one’s attention. Developer Blue Manchu recently made two announcements in one — it’s releasing an expansion that introduces co-op play and CH be hitting Steam before July’s end.

Blue Manchu has a blog post up about the news, but it also went to the effort of creating a trailer that features a cute nod to anyone that’s aware of the company’s origins. Specifically that founder Jonathan Chey used to work for Looking Glass Studios and Irrational, the studios responsible for cult sci-fi horror franchise System Shock (and progenitor to Bioshock).

But yes, the expansion. Called Expedition to the Sky Citadel, it looks like Card Hunter is dropping its D&D trappings for something more futuristic, as the video shows. Players will do combat with robots and face opponents with light sabres, lasers and other non-mithril weaponry.

Expedition to the Sky Citadel is to come out alongside the game’s Steam debut, which should be “later this month”. Blue Manchu is also quickly to reassure players that the Steam build is fully compatible with the current version, so you don’t have to worry about any account shenanigans.

Announcing: Expedition to the Sky Citadel [Official site, via RPS]

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