What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm still playing Fallout 4. I suspect I'm not the only one.

It's funny, because I'm enjoying Fallout 4. But I am definitely enjoying it in spite of itself. In spite of the clunky user interface, in spite of the fast travel system — which I don't like. In spite of the fact that it run pretty badly on the PS4. Despite the fact it doesn't really look that great. I'm enjoying in spite of all these things. Probably because the core of it is pretty damn solid.

Anyway, that's what I'll be playing this weekend, how about you guys and girls?


    So much more Fallout 4. Fallout 4 AAAAAAAALLL weeke-- oh nerts. Gonna go hang out on Saturday with a bunch of people I like. Dammit. That's less Fallout 4 time. Oh well. Sacrifices must be made.

    The Steam Sale has dropped Rocket League down to a less painful price. I think it's finally time to pull the trigger on that. I'll also be buying the DeLorean because it's a DeLorean.

      I am also considering this. It stays up on my front page each time i load up steam. Taunting me...

        Rocket League was worth the price before, trust me.

        Definitely worth the price now.

        Only issue you will have is that people will likely be really good compared to when they started, so you are going to realllllly suck to begin with. But hey, that's half the fun!

    Might spend some quality time with the family as it's the lull before the Just Cause 3 storm.

    WOOOOOOOOOOO Nerd weekend!!!

    Have Boardgames tomorow night (Game of Thrones for the first time :O) then hobby stuff all Sunday in preparation for CanCon next year. So playing with my toy soldiers (converting/painting).

    There will be intermittent Fallout 4 because damn you Fallout, you're still so fun.

      I am playing GoT for the first time on Saturday also!
      And also continuing Fallout 4.

        Good luck! All of us are beginners so it should be interesting...

    I've started a pile of shame crusade starting with the oldest game on my pile, GTA: SA. If I finish that (doubtful, only just finished the countryside missions) I'll move on to Red Dead Redemption :)

    Fallout 4 woo and also siege beta and getting ready for just cause 3 next week

    Rocket league and battlefront when my mates are online and fallout for the rest. Haven't had any performance issues/glitches on ps4 and I'm 60 hours in (other than the usual frame drops)

    I'm going interstate this weekend, so I'll be playing a some Hearthstone on my tablet and catching up on episodes of Last Ship.

    Fallout 4...I will miss you *sniff*

    Had a strange urge to start Dragon Age: Inquisition again this morning. Currently installing/updating/downloading it and the dlc while I'm at work.

    So probably that, Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

    Fallout 4 but I'm starting to get a bit bored with it. I would really like to dive into some of the new indie games i picked up from the steam sale but i feel i should finish fallout first.

    My best mate from high school is coming over.... so backgammon. All night long, or until he gets drunk and needs to go to bed, then Fallout 4. lol.

    im confused, is there some other game to play than fallout 4? ill probably be putting a new head gasket in my car this weekend. plus a couple more hours of fallout.

    Only just purchased my Xbone and Fo4 2 weeks ago and still haven't been home on a weekend to play a good session! Going away to see the inlaws this weekend. Has to wait another week. Dammit.

    I'm going to be playing Fallout 4. But I'll likely be picking up Diablo 3 + ROS today. Unless someone talks me out of it. Is it worth picking up?

    I feel like I might be the only one on the planet who stopped playing fallout 4 so I could start ac syndicate when it came out on pc. I've played maybe 6-7 hours of it so far and it's really good. I'm finding it runs buggier on my pc than unity did which is a bit weird, but tbh I didn't have any problems with unity when I picked it up 3-4 months after release so I feel like patches are incoming. After I finish it though I'll be jumping straight back to fallout 4 and Arkham Knight (which I hear they just released another patch for so I have high hopes).

    I'll be trying to get past that awkward phase of Fallout 4 where I don't have the stats for stealth to be viable. It's a bit rough going from Rise of the Tomb Raider and MGSV to something where stealth is stat based.

    finally finished the main missions in GTAV, so probably just keep doing the optional stuff maybe.... if i can be bothered.

    *That, and rock climbing.

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    Ace combat 4,5,0,6. Just finished the Witcher 3 and expansion. Waiting for Just cause 3

    I'm a bit all over the place. Finished LittleBigPlanet Vita and now I'm an hour or so into Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. I've got a serious Star Wars Battlefront hankering going on (it's so much fun). I've continued my Mass Effect replay and am into ME2 now with my paragade broshep infiltrator. Sleeping Dogs is about 1/3 done, and there's always (always) Miku of some form on some machine.

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