Vote For Your Favourite PC Game Of The Year

Okay, time to bring in the big guns. You've nominated your favourite PC games of the year, now it's time to vote for the overall winner!

Have at it folks, and drop your reasoning in the comments below if you're that way inclined.


    Ori! Doesn't feel right voting for Fallout 4 when I can vote for it as a console game.

      But isn't that the case with Ori too, since it's on the xbone?

        Yeah, I just don't want to vote for the same thing more than once ;)

    Voted for Life is Strange despite playing it on the PS4. I'M A MONSTER! :P

    oh wow. this is hard.
    hand of fate, ori & pillars....

    This was a hard choice. Couldn't decide between Hatred or Her Story.

    Fallout 4, I've had an almost glitch free experience now approaching 80 hours of gameplay.

    my only real gripe is you cannot pickup and play holotapes when searching containers, instead you have to remember the name and then go looking for it in your Misc inventory.

    Full disclaimer: I haven't played Witcher 3, so I can't vote for it. I expect it'll probably be a strong contender.

      I voted for the WItcher over Fallout. While Fallout is also a brilliant game, and I actually put more hours into it, it's not a particularly good PC port.

      The Witcher 3 was a brilliant game that looks, runs and plays well.

      Where is Arkham Knight on the list though, best PC game ;)

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    I've been playing Witcher 3 since it came out. It was the only thing I was excited for all year and it delivered and I can't wait to go home and continue the expansion pack tonight. Think I'm nearing the end.

    Pillars of Eternity.
    No other game brought me full circle in my gaming life like it did. Everytime it was loaded up I felt like I was back to the halcyon days of PC gaming and nostalgia flooded me.
    Brilliantly written, well paced, fully fleshed out characters and a fantastically well polished game in a superb setting with an emotionally charged score to accompany it.

      Yeah agree, voted for Pillars but I never actually finished it. Lost my save and then life got in the way. Damn life. Will start again tonight.

      Also voted PoE, one of the few games I finished this year. Very good.

    Nope, voting for Duck Game. Screw you all.


      How did that bloody thing even get nominated?! Where's the screening?


          Alright, fair'nuff, you're excused. It takes character to acknowledge when you've made an error.

          This is serious business, this online polling. Donkey/Duck/Goat votes ruin it for everyone.

    pillars for me. couldn't get in to the witcher at all and the controls felt clumsy.

    World of Battleships?

      As if World of Warships deserved a mention anyway.

      Maybe for most innovative methods of making players buy things.

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    Where is GTA V - i know it came out last year on other platforms, but PC release was this year.

    Rocket League because it's taken 75 hours from me and I'm happy to give it more.

    Hmmm. I've not played a single game on that list but I own 2 of those titles on PC.

    No Dota Reborn :( ? I enjoyed Hand of Fate and PoE but am obliged to vote for Anna's Quest.

    I knew this would be a difficult choice for me, yet there was almost no hesitation for me to choose Witcher 3. Not because it's a popular choice, I am currently obsessed with Fallout 4, but because even though I finished it sometime back, I still think of it almost every week.

    All in all though, I think 2015 will stand out for me for many years to come, so many great entertainment experiences this year over so many genres. Now I just need the time to go and enjoy them all properly ;)

    I'm surprised there's so little Undertale love. Or is everyone already over the hype? Admittedly, the gameplay wasn't the best, but the rest of it was top-notch.

    I haven't played any of these games...yet.

    Interesting to see no nomination for Battlefront. I'm well aware of some people's disdain, and particularly the falling PC population...but interesting to not even be nominated.

    Would have voted GTA V had it made the list :)

    I think Mark has a crush on the girl in Her Story.

    Hmm Can't vote for Dead State reanimated. =(
    (Remaster came out this year, and to be fair the original came out in mid-December last year anyway, so most of us were still playing it into and through 2015)

    Only game I've played on the list is Fallout 4, so that by default.

    The Witcher 3 hands down. Quite literally the best game I have ever played. Also the only game I've purchased a physical copy of in about 5 years, the only game I got the collectirs edition of too.

    I vote for any that are also on ps4. Let the flames begin!

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