Rise Of The Tomb Raider Is A Really Beautiful Video Game

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Is A Really Beautiful Video Game

All video games tend to become beautiful when given the Dead End Thrills treatment, but Rise Of The Tomb Raider is a special case.

God damn it’s a beautiful game.

You can check out the rest of the pics here.


  • Theirs actually a challenge tomb that opens up to a large expanse with a ridgeline thats had a natural formation resembling organ pipes and of coarse the crevice itself has a strong wind current, seemed way to convenient to be realistic, however it did feel really cool.

      • Yeah I liked it how they decided to not overplay the chime noise, but instead opted to make it a gushing chasm noise with a subtle bass of the rock formation. obviously trying to keep it realistic but unique at the same time.

      • The last game did, so even though there’s no official word (why they can’t list full specs is just a tad stupid?!) I’m crossing all my digits.

  • Those Guilty Gear Xrd pics in the linked portfolio look pretty sweet too. Not a fan of the Fallout 4 ones though.

  • Seeing how pretty it looks just makes me upset again that the Tomb Raider remake hasn’t been updated on PC to include things added into the Definitive Edition on consoles.

    • I was under the impression that the “Definitive Edition” was simply the PC version brought to console…

      • The main differences I remember were the character model update, update to TressFX 2 for better hair, better foliage, and more dynamic lighting (which greatly improved the feel of the stealth segments).

    • A little. Given that I bought it 3 times already, I’m ok with it… 😉

      (PS3, PC, PS4…)

  • The reboot was also a pretty attractive game when it was released. Definitely looking forward to picking up RotR for PC when it drops. Should keep me occupied until The Division launches.

  • I’m conflicted y’all. I really want to play this game, and I want to reward the creative team for their huge effort but at the same time I want to protest the BS timed exclusivity thing with my money. Thoughts?

    • I totally get you. But I’ve never been comfortable with denying myself great games to make a point. It’s a conundrum!

    • Wait a bit longer until it goes on sale and pick it up cheap. They made you wait for the game, so you can make them wait for your money 😛

    • It’s an interesting point… if that’s the issue, pick up the PC version.
      MS are the ones who bought console exclusivity for a year (so the PC should fall outside the scope of that). Though Crystal Dynamics have said that that money went to development of the game… not just marketing. If you have an issue with Square for doing this I don’t know how to help you.

      If it is specifically about console makers buying exclusivity (timed or otherwise), you’d no doubt have to take similar stances on Street Fighter V, The Witness, and No Man’s Sky.

      • Those games seem different though. I’ve never heard of XB releases for them. ROTTR seemed different, less like timed exclusivity and more like timed-don’t-let-Sony-have-it.

        It’s more like the timed Destiny BS except it’s a full game, in a franchise made famous on the platform it’s shafting.

        • I’m not quite sure I see the distinction… I wonder if Microsoft hadn’t been caught out would that have made a difference?

          Here’s a different example:
          The witness has been rated for xbox one. ( https://www.vg247.com/2016/01/18/the-witness-rated-for-xbox-one/ ). By every report it’s an amazing game, and the developer has stated that they have no plans to release it on xbox… of course they’re having it classified so they must be thinking about it.
          Does this mean you wont buy the witness?

    • If you’re a PC player then it was always gonna be a little delayed, if you’re on ps4 then I can kind of see your point.
      But it won’t change much, it’s business now, if you are a huge fan of the franchise then you won’t want to miss out I’d say.
      Happened when I was playing destiny on xbone, it’s a little different sure, but it didn’t stop me playing.
      It’s like when FF7 remake comes out, I won’t be making a stand at all. I’ll be waiting for a year or most likely I’ll get a ps4 just to play it.
      It sucks, but unfortunately, money from Microsoft / Sony talks 🙁
      And mate if you’re on ps4 then you definitelyhave to less to complain about, sure we got halo 5 and forza 6 which were both great if a little…bland maybe…but you guys have your big ones like uncharted and then a host of great indie games. Actually if I didn’t rate xbox live so highly I would’ve gone to the ps4 in a flash,sort of wish I did anyway. I’m a bloody mug.

    • Think of it this way – Squenix were disappointed in sales of the Remake. If MS hadn’t ponied up cash for exclusivity, the game might not have been made at all…I have no idea if that’s correct, but it makes it seem like less of a dick move in my mind (also my housemate has an XBone so it makes very little difference to me).

      • I always got the impression that the deal was eleventh hour, that there was no actual reason why Sony’s getting it later (except for the pile o’ cash from MS). If MS paid to help develop it, and then Squenix ported it to PS4 later I’d be OK with it. But I’m pretty sure that’s not the case.

  • This game looked amazing on xbox, it’s no surprise it looks even better on PC… add to that that Dead End Thrills has made an art form of making even ugly games look fantastic.

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