Rise Of The Tomb Raider On PC Is Cheaper For Aussies Through The Microsoft Store

Rise Of The Tomb Raider On PC Is Cheaper For Aussies Through The Microsoft Store

You won’t be able to get it unless you’re running Windows 10, and the Microsoft Store doesn’t come with any of the bells and whistles that gamers have been accustomed to with Steam. But if you’re looking at Lara’s latest adventure and simply want to get it for a cheaper price, Microsoft actually has a decent offer.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is actually one of the first — if not the first — major AAA title to be launched through the Windows Store, with Microsoft charging $66.29 for the third-person adventure. That’s about $10 less than what it’ll cost you through Steam, barring any major fluctuations in the exchange rate.

The deal’s available for the next week, and the DLC is cheaper too: it’ll only cost you $12.29 for Endurance Mode instead of $14.08 (the price through Steam). The fact that anyone would charge that much for an endurance mode is staggering to me, but that’s a complaint for another day.

And for those who are interested in how returns work on the Microsoft Store as compared to Steam, here’s the information from Microsoft themselves:

Confirm your order was placed within the last thirty (30) days.

Uninstall the software from your computer:

In Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista: In Control Panel, go to Programs and Features, and then click Uninstall a program.
In Windows XP: In Control Panel, go to Add/Remove Programs, and then click on Uninstall a program.
Call us at the customer support number located on our Sales and Support page to request a return within thirty (30) days of the date of purchase. You will be asked to confirm that you have uninstalled and have not made any copies of the software. We may also ask you to sign an electronic Letter of Destruction as a condition of your return. After you talk to a customer service agent, the product key will be blocked and you will not be able to install or use the software in the future. Microsoft Store will issue a credit to the same method of purchase you used to purchase the item and send you a return receipt by email.

The system requirements, unsurprisingly, are the same as what’s listed on Steam beyond the Windows 10 specifics. The Microsoft Store isn’t as cheap as going through some third-party websites, but if you were considering buying the game outright on Steam due to the reviews and good feedback online, this might be a neat alternative. And if you do buy through the store, let us know how you go — and what it’s like playing a AAA game that runs through the Windows 10 framework rather than as a traditional desktop application.


          • i would love to have a 1440p monitor but that will have to wait as i have a sick wife and i am her carer so things get put into perspective so playing in 1080p doesn’t matter but gaming is a good way for me to relax,but i do wish games would be optimized for sli.Once again it only uses 1 card but i must admit it looks just superb.

          • I know what you mean regarding SLI. It seems a lot of triple-A titles haven’t been supporting it lately and that’s just so unfortunate. RotTR apparently does support it, but there’s some issue that is causing the increase to be barely visible. Hopefully it will be fixed with a patch.
            Sorry to hear about your wife. I wish her a speedy recovery. 🙂

  • I got mine through ozgameshop and having bought other things through them got it even cheaper 32 or 34 dollars so i think that counts as a bargain.Refused to buy it on xb1 after it came out as an exclusive for it so i decided to wait for the pc version and i think it will hurt them in sales just on the xb1 when it would have done so much better available to all at the same time.Oh on a side note i played it at 4.00am when it unlocked and i must say it looks just so superb graphics wise

      • does it matter?i have been gaming for over 40 years i have pre-paid games bought second hand games i have been to midnight game launches at Eb-games in Bendigo who cares how i got it i today get my games as cheaply as i can.I got star wars battlefront from Target for the xb1 in Corowa for $60 and i got Fallout4 for the ps4 for $55 from there and i get my games from any place that i can the cheaper the better!!!!!

      • Pretty sure they sell legit keys that they get by opening the physical game boxes 😛 Lower price so that they won’t have to cover for the free shipping.

    • Whether you bought it on X1 or Windows, your money goes to the same place. Not sure how successful your boycott was.

      Well, maybe not seeing I’m not sure where Ozgameshop money goes, but either way playing it on W10 or X1 means Microsoft gets something somewhere :P. My point still stands…

  • Greenmangaming currently have it for $54US

    They have a 20% off voucher on the site, but also emailed a 27% off voucher to their subscribers.

    So I bought a steam key of the game for about $58AU

    • They’re third-party retailers, but if you’re fine going through that avenue then you can probably find even cheaper discounts.

      This is the best you’ll get right now through first-party outlets, though.

      • You can have your 1st party retailers, I’m done being ripped off simply because I live in Australia. My money goes where the games are the cheapest. I’ve been using 3rd party sellers and even key sellers for a few years now and haven’t had a bad apple yet.

    • Did GMG deliver the key on launch? I ordered Battlefront from them and they didn’t deliver, I cancelled and got a key else where.

      • I ordered it using the 27% off code, and received my key within 10 minutes. The 27% code is valid until Monday, as well.

  • Got it for ‘promotional free’ with a recent 980ti purchase so it cost me a lot.

    I justify this in that the other one was lonely.

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