What Sims Talk About During Dinner Parties

What Sims Talk About During Dinner Parties

“I started as a cleaner… but now I’m an astronaut.”

“They’re very similar fields.”


Insert Coin is an Australian group of filmmakers and comedians and they’ve been absolutely on point with all of their video game parodies so far. This one is up there with the best. Especially at the end when everyone gets kicked out. World class.


  • Posting to remind myself to watch this video later.

    I’m trying to visualise how real people would carry on a sim conversation.

    Boy: Hey, how do you feel about aliens?
    Girl: Holy shit get out of my face I really dislike you for no particular reason.
    Boy: *fart noise*
    Girl: Wait, what?
    Boy: *fart noise*
    Girl: Do… do that again.
    Boy: *fart noise*
    Girl: I need you inside me.
    Boy: Will you marry me?
    Girl: I want that more than anything in the whole world.
    Homeowner: YOU ARE BLOCKING THE PATH TO MY FRIDGE AND I AM STARV- wait never mind there’s some three day old lobster thermidor on the floor over here.

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