What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm almost finished with Dark Souls 3. I promise!

Then it'll be on to another game I'm not supposed to be talking about but you can probably guess what it is.

What are you playing this weekend?

Oh, and I've also managed to snag an early copy of Push Me Pull You, the body-horror-basketball game. I am going to play the crap out of that with my family and (probably) my son. Which might be a little weird, but whatevs.


    I'm FINALLY going to get a chance to play Dark Souls III this weekend. On to my second boss!

    That, and Lego Marvel and Batman with the boy.

    The recent talk of Witcher DLC release dates prompted me to grab the season pass, so I'll be finishing my feline armour collection to start Hearts of Stone, and my 5 year old and I might finally finish Lego Marvel.

      I propose a race! My 5yo and I have maybe 15 gold blocks left...

        Right, by "finish" I mean the story. From memory I think we have about 225 gold blocks left. It's also been restricted to weekend play only as he takes too long to get to sleep if we play after school. We've taken a long time because often the 3 y.o. insists on playing, and has mastered the jump button but not much else...

          What I'm reading here is that I'm going to win :)

            I'll take that challenge! I think I have about 30 gold bricks left til Platinum trophy. One of them is that stupid race where I keep falling off the helicarrier because i'm inpatient!!! I'm playing with my gamer wife though so I think I have a little bit of a chance.

            In a way, playing Lego Marvel means we're all winners.

            In another, more accurate way, yes you're going to win.

    Just downloaded Life is Strange and waiting for the SFV patch to finish downloading, hopefully have some time for each between parenting

    Dark souls 3! I'm twelve hours in and just got past the second boss. Been spending most of my time as a summon to help others out, it does mean I need to be very careful in my own game though as I'm lugging a whole mess of souls around so I can still be low enough of a level to be summoned by peeps.

    Other than that gonna go see Civil war in gold class tomorrow and probably get some knitting done.

      Im 23 hours in and just got up to the Abyssal something or others. Boss 6 that is I think?

    Hearthstone. So much Hearthstone.

      C'Thun's good fun eh? I may have to buy some packs this weekend with real money. I've opened 36 so far with gold I saved up and packs earned from quests...no legendaries and I think only 4/5 epics. :(

        Oooohhh thats rough. I managed to save an ungodly amount of dust (about 9000) prior to release, and bought the pre-release packs, then with the free 10 packs I got pretty lucky. in fact tbh I got pretty lucky through the whole process, I must have opened about 6 overall, then after spending all my dust I am only missing a few. The only ones I dont have that I do want are the rogue one and the huntard one, but im not despy as they are classes I generally don't play.

        Oh and also - yeah man C'Thun is a beast. C'Thun Warrior, Darwin Shaman and Yogg Mage are so fun to play. This release has been brilliant imo

          Has been really good. I like all the updates on mobile too to help with filtering, etc. I've always played Mage/Druid, but I'm keen to start playing more Warrior so C'Thun warrior is gonna be the go, although Darwin Shaman may be more fun with the random aspect of Evolve.

        I think there's meant to be a "pity timer" so that if you don't open a Legendary in 40 packs they'll throw one in for you. I've opened 58 packs Whispers packs so far and only managed to land 2 legendaries - they were both Fandral Staghelm. Luckily one of them was gold, so I can trade that for a non-gold legendary.

          Is that right? Well maybe I'm due soon then, that's pretty exciting. Seems like you've been pretty unlucky too, but a gold legendary is nice.

            I have only ever gotten 2 golden legendaries. Both were golden King Krush. After getting him again in normal form, i decided he had earnt his place in my collection, despite being useless.

              I think I've gotten 2. One I sold and one was Archmage Antonidas which is one of my fav cards so held on to him.

              Just bought 7 packs, 2nd one in I got a legendary. Of course it's The Boogeymonster. I got about 5500 dust now though so I'm prob gonna get Yogg for the funs and work on building a sweet Warrior deck too.

                Oh man. Boogeymonster. This just isn't your expansion Jack old pal.

            It may not be entirely right, Blizzard have not officially mentioned it, but there has been a bit of user-research done on it. Read more at https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/3z7jyh/pity_timer_on_packs_opening_and_the_best_strategy/

            Last edited 29/04/16 12:48 pm

        Remember, there is a 40 pack legendary pity time. You're only 4 packs at most away from a legendary.

    I'm currently toying around with a second run in Dark Souls 3 and going full cheese force after my no shield or armour first run through (So many deaths to one shots and stunlocks...). I'm also thinking of playing some Ratchet and Clank and there'll also be some Pokemon Red in between things.

    Hearthstone on mobile and that's about it considering both my XB1 controller are off getting replaced due to faulty joysticks.

      I'm running my Summon Stone Priest deck this weekend too (y)

        That'll be fun! I've seen some awesome moments with Summoning Stone. Is your Hearthstone username same as XB1?

    I’ve also managed to snag an early copy of Push Me Pull You, the body-horror-basketball game. I am going to play the crap out of that with my family and (probably) my son.

    That will be nightmare fuel for months. He'll be telling his therapist about it thirty years from now.

    As for me, I'll be playing Alienation while I wait for that game that Mark isn't allowed to mention.

    Planetside 2, new base building update just released and server population has been steadily increasing.

    Also got Orion Project for 1 doller on steam but so far my impression of the game is average

    Somehow I've been enthralled back into Destiny. Enjoying some Iron Banana (Banner) with my sort of new NBN connection.

    90 up, 38 down with a ping of 5. Optus as the provider in Toowoomba South. Just in case your curious.

    Still bouncing and grinding in Sunset Overdrive, with some Rocket League thrown in.

      Have you tried Hoops? If so, how you finding it? 'Tis one of the main reasons I've shipped my controller off to get fixed as I've realised I really can't aerial well enough for Hoops with the faulty joysticks I had. Can't wait to play more of it, only played one game.

        I haven't because I suck at regular Rocket League so I figured there's no point trying Hoops.

    Bought the $10 founders pack for access to the Dreadnought closed beta. Which also gave me invites for two mates. Fun game so far. Feels like world of tanks with spaceships.

    Also lots of Hearthstone

    Destiny and Dark Souls. Dark Souls and Destiny. And, at some point, sleep. Maybe.

      If you play enough, you'll still be able to see the game in your sleep.

        "Your dream is being invaded by uber1337haxx0r" Literally the stuff of nightmares. :P

        It's horrible when that happens.

        When I was picking fruit, if I ever spent more than a few weeks picking any type of fruit, I'd start dreaming about it.

        Not like, narrative dreams, or things which had events or whatever... just... dreaming of staring at the fruit. Often accompanied by the smell of it rotting. Like being trapped in a Clockwork Orange reprogramming chair, and the only thing in front of your eyes for the next 6-7hrs is just an endless procession of fruit. Just fruit. Close-up, in your face, not bloody doing anything.

    fallout 4 survival mode

    I still have to go back to the Sleeping Dogs DLC but I doubt I will this weekend. I recently started playing Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments which was free on XBL GWG a couple of months back and so far it's better than expected. Really quite a cool game.

    If I find the time to game I will probably continue with that, or possisbly start my second playthrough of The Wolf Among Us. I played it on PC ages ago but I've wanted to do a second round and it was also free on Games with Gold, so, definitely keen to get onto it.

      You are not missing anything in Sleeping Dogs DLC. Give it a pass.

        I've actually already finished it once, I bought it for the original version on Xbox 360. I bought the "Definitive Edition" of the game on Xbox One because it was $10 and I loved it enough to play it again. I did enjoy the DLC and do want to replay it, just not right away.

          Oh ok i did play the entire def ed including DLC. While I enjoyed the main game including side missions, the DLC felt stale.

            I liked how the Zodiac Tournament was kind of a cheesy homage to old kung fu movies. Nightmare in North Point felt really out of place and silly after a rather heavy story campaign, but I still had fun with it. I think there might have also been some extra cop missions, but I might have already done those while I was replaying the main story as it seemed like there was a heck of a lot of them this time around.

            Last edited 29/04/16 3:24 pm

    Stardew Valley
    Yoshi's Wooly World

    And that's it, quiet weekend game wise

    Writing, Game Of Thrones Season 5 and Quantum Break.

    I've given up on Fallout 4 for the moment. Might get back to it at some point and returned to the Witcher 3 after playing the first episode of Kings Quest and got nostalgic for some reason.

    Also, I now plan to "finish" finish Lego Marvel and hopefully pop the platinum trophy.

    Dark Souls III and maybe some Star Fox Zero, but I want tonight to be about 40k painting.

    Forgot I've got 4 hours on a train tomorrow. Bravely Second and Persona 4 Dancing All Night ahoy!

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