Classic Action RPG Titan Quest Is Now Out On iOS

Classic Action RPG Titan Quest Is Now Out On iOS

So yeah guys, Titan Quest is now on iPhone and iPad. If you didn’t have any plans this weekend, well, they’ve been made for you.

Of course, it might be better to save your portable foray into Titan Quest for times when you’re not next to a PC, but if you happen to be PC-less, now’s the perfect time to play one of the more solid Diablo-clones of the last decade.

According to the game’s description, it’s been redesigned to suit a touch interface, though I’d say be prepared for some oddities due to its PC origins. Reviews suggest an inconsistent frame rate, so keep that in mind if your prefer your mobile games to be silky smooth.

Probably the best news is that it’s a premium app — pay your $10.99 and you get everything. No ads, no IAP. Which is lovely.

From what I can tell, the port doesn’t include the expansion, Immortal Throne, though with 60 or so hours of campaign to slog through, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

Titan Quest [App Store, via TGG]


  • Oh wow, finally a use for the ipad work gave me that I still havnt taken out of the box from 6 months a go.
    anyone tried it yet? id like to know how the controls handle on a touch interface compared to mouse and keyboard on PC

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