Watch Nintendo’s Adorably Brutal 12-And-Under Smash Bros. Tournament

Watch Nintendo’s Adorably Brutal 12-And-Under Smash Bros. Tournament

Nintendo is at San Diego Comic-Con, where they have gathered 64 young children to battle for your amusement in the most kid-friendly competitive game possible. It’s basically My First Smash Bros. Tournament, and it’s darling. (Autoplay warning.)

If you’ve watched a Smash Bros. Wii U tournament and had trouble following the action, this is the event to watch. Commentators VikkiKitty and JCDotFace are explaining every step of the process, from whatever it is players do with the rock-paper-scissors thing to something about chess. Honestly I’m not paying too much attention to them, too tickled to see names like Kaithlyn and Autumn on the screen instead of the normal convoluted screen names.

Or maybe Kaithlyn is a screen name. If not, I’m stealing it. Watch these kids play.


  • I imagine the kids would be the best players.

    I mean, I know my younger self could kick the crap out of my current self in video games. A test I’m willing to do if I get a time machine.

    • That’s only true if you became a responsible adult. I could destroy 12 year old me.

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