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I said I'd accept the challenge yesterday, and accept it I have. No More Nice ScribbleTaku. Prepare yourselves.

I'm slightly concerned that the nature of what I've chosen will give this away too much. But we'll see. I think the wording is vague enough that you can't immediately Google it in two seconds.

But we'll see.

Good luck!



      Damn it. Good job man!

        DAMN IT

        /furiously screws up paper

        I'll get you all tomorrow!

          You know this is the real reason Mark is moving on, right? ;)

          Last edited 03/08/16 2:02 pm

          Don't fret, remember that you're just a pawn on the Chessboard of the Scribbletaku Gods.

          Come on Alex, let's get some shapes going instead of just a box and text 2 days in a row :P Can we still submit them like Mark used to encourage?

            Always! If people want to submit their own, just email me or drop something through the tips line.

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